Economic trends

Trump and the markets – what our experts say

We caught up with our leading strategist and economists at a client briefing in New York, and asked for their tips on 2017.

‘The ability for politics to affect economies and markets is something that we have to pay more attention to today than we have had in a long time,’ says Eric Robertsen, Head of Global Macro Strategy and FX Research, adding that he expects the US dollar to continue to rally.

‘A lot of questions are still being asked over whether or not China’s debt problem, that has been building for so many years, will finally blow this year – we think that it will not,’ says David Mann, Chief Economist, Asia.

Suki Cooper, Precious Metals Analyst, Commodities Research, says Donald Trump’s policies are likely to have ‘ramifications for all commodities, but, in particular, a key focus is on the US shale oil industry.’

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