Welcome to a quicker, more exceptional service. With Voice ID, we can
verify your identity using just your voice – so there’s no need to
remember any passwords or answers to security questions.

Standard Chartered Voice ID

Making telephone banking more convenient and secure



Your identity is verified
effortlessly in seconds using
your unique voiceprint.



No passwords or security
questions – the only thing that’s
needed is your voice.



Fraudsters and hackers may be able to steal or guess your PIN, but they can't replicate your voice. Voice ID is sensitive enough to help detect if someone is impersonating you or playing a recording.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Voice ID?
Voice ID is what we use to authenticate your voiceprint when you call the contact center. With Voice ID, you can access your Standard Chartered account through telephone banking securely and conveniently.
How does Voice ID work?

Instead of entering your Telephone Identification Number (TIN), we'll verify you by asking you to voice out a short simple phrase.

Your voice is unique, just as your fingerprint, which means you can create your own Voice ID with us. Once you've created your Voice ID, you'll be able to use your voice to access telephone banking and this will also help us protect you against fraud.

Can someone record my voice and use it to access my account?

Our systems will help detect if a recording of your voice is being played and we'll recognise an imposter trying to imitate your voice. This is because your voice is unique in the same way that your fingerprint is.

Voice ID is created by using a voice biometrics system that combines both the physical and behavioural factors of your voice.

Is my voiceprint really unique?
Yes. Just like your fingerprint, your voiceprint is uniquely yours.
What if I have a cold or I am unwell?
Our voices can sound different if we are unwell, however, Voice ID will still work when you are suffering from a general cold or sore throat. In exceptional situations where your voice is severely affected, we'll verify your identity using a different method.
Will my voiceprint work if I call from a noisy place?
We may not be able to recognise your voice if the line is bad or it's noisy in the background. If this happens, we'll transfer you to an agent who will verify your identity by asking you a few security questions. Alternatively, you could call us back when you're somewhere less noisy or from a different phone.
What if voiceprint doesn’t work?
Voiceprints are very reliable, but if you ever have problems, we can authenticate you with other security questions. If it fails to work repeatedly, you can re-register. We can delete your existing voiceprint and let you register your Voice ID again – please make sure you call from a quiet environment and a quality phone line.
How much do I have to pay for Voice ID?
Voice ID is a complimentary service.
What if I decide not to use the Voice ID?
We can always de-register your Voice ID and return to asking security questions instead.