Thanks for letting us know you’d like an interest-free loan on your Standard Chartered credit card. We’re looking forward to helping you take care of whatever exciting plans you have.

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*Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
  • The Fixed Payment Plan ("FPP") amount requested will be debited to the Standard Chartered Credit Card ("credit card") and will be remitted to the bank account specified by way of an electronic funds transfer within 10 working days from the date of the approval of the application by the Bank, if applicable.
  • The amount shall be repayable in equal monthly instalments ("EMI") in accordance with the duration specified (the "Duration").
  • The credit limit on the Standard Chartered Credit Card will be blocked by the amount of the FPP. An amount equal to the EMI paid will be released every month.
  • The EMI will be included in the monthly credit card statement of account as the "minimum amount due". In the event that the customer fails to make payment of this "minimum amount due", the credit card shall be charged with interest on the unpaid balance at the applicable rate in accordance with the credit card terms and conditions.
  • If the credit card account is closed by the customer or the Bank before all EMI have been charged, then all of the future EMI shall be accelerated and debited to the final credit card Statement of Account as one figure.
  • The Bank is entitled to accelerate all future equal monthly instalments and forthwith debit the credit card statement of account with the same, on:

    1. The failure to make payment of an Equal Monthly Instalment; or
    2. An application for bankruptcy or if bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated against the customer; or
    3. A court order has been issued to freeze the customer's accounts; or
    4. The customer's death.

  • A processing fee will be charged as follows depending on the amount chosen by the customer:
Loan Amount (AED) Interest Tenor Processing Fee (AED)
5,000 AED 0% 6 months 299
10,000 AED 0% 6 months 499
15,000 AED 0% 6 months 699
  • The minimum amount available from the Bank under FPP is AED 5,000.
  • In case of pre-closure of the FPP, a charge of 2% of the outstanding amount will be levied subject to a minimum amount of AED 250.
  • The Bank may, in its sole and absolute discretion and without notice, withdraw or revise this FPP.
  • This Fixed Payment Plan ("FPP") will be made available at the sole and absolute discretion of the Bank to selected credit card members.
  • These terms and conditions are in addition to the supplementary to the terms and conditions applicable to all credit card accounts as contained in the credit card Agreement.
  • Please refer to our Service & Price Guide for details of applicable fees and charges

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