Online Banking FAQs

Online Banking FAQs

  1. Who can apply for this service?
  2. If you hold any (or a combination) of the following products from Standard Chartered, you can register for the service for free:
    • Savings Account
    • Current Account
    • Credit Card
    The service is offered for individuals and sole proprietorships.

  3. Why should I use Online Banking?
    • It's easy to apply for, easy to use and best of all, it's FREE!!
    • It's your own bank - you have instant access to real time information on your banking, credit card and loan accounts. This apart, you can access information on our full range of products and services at the click of a mouse. Rest assured it is personalised to meet your requirements.
    • It's safe and easy - using your unique login ID and Password, you can now bank with confidence, knowing that your transactions remain safe. With our simple and easy to use navigational toolbars, you will realise how easy it is to browse the site.
    • It's convenient - you can perform secure electronic banking right from the comfort of your home or office through the internet.
    • It's open 24 hours - with Online Banking, you can access your accounts day and night - no need to wait for your monthly account statements or limit your banking to branch timings. You can even access it on bank holidays in effect 365 days a year.
    • No special software is required - You don't need to purchase any special software. As long as you have a PC with the minimum configuration for internet browsing / surfing, you are ready to start.
    • Wide range of services - Our wide range of Online Banking services will help you better manage your finances. Moreover, we will progressively add more services for your convenience, so remember to let us know what else you would like.

  4. How can I register for Online Banking?
    • If you have a deposit account (e.g. Current account or Savings account), you can register for Online Banking instantly using your registered mobile number and one of the following combinations:
      1. Your Account number and Telephone Identification Number (TIN)*
      2. Your ATM/Debit Card number and ATM PIN.
    • If you ONLY have a Credit Card (and no other products), you can register for Online Banking instantly using:
      1. Your Credit Card number / Expiry Date / Date of Birth
    • If you have a Credit Card and a loan but do not have a deposit account (e.g. Current account or Savings account), you will not be able to register for Online Banking instantly. Please call us on (+971) 600 5222 88 for assistance.

    * If you do not have a TIN Number, you may call our 24-hour Phone Banking team on 600 5222 88 from within the UAE or on +971 600 5222 88 from outside the UAE and request for a TIN.

    Follow these steps to register for Online Banking:
    1. Click on "Instant Registration"
    2. Read carefully the Terms and Conditions and click "Accept" in agreement
    3. Select your preferred registration mode – Debit Card number / Account number / Credit Card number
    4. Click "Next" to verify your mobile number registered with bank and confirm
    5. Enter the temporary password which was sent to your mobile number
    6. Set your Username and Password and click "Confirm"
    7. You have successfully registered for Online Banking!
    • If you are an SME Customer or a Joint Account Holder you must register to Online Banking by giving a written request at the branch. You will then receive a temporary ID via email and a temporary password via SMS. These credentials should be used when logging in for the first time. You will then be able to choose your permanent username and password.

  5. Do I have to pay for using this service / Are there extra charges for this service?
  6. No, there is no extra charge for using this service, this service is absolutely FREE!

  7. How secure is it?
  8. We have adopted comprehensive security measures to safeguard your use of Online Banking.

    Customer Authentication with Login ID and Password - You must enter the unique Login ID and Password to access Online Banking. All information transmitted through the Internet, including your Login ID, Password, your account information and your transaction details, from the moment you log in to the time you log out, are protected by strong end-to-end 128 bit SSL encryption; i.e. from your PC browser to the Bank's system.

    2-Factor Authentication for transactions – All financial transactions and personal updates on Online Banking require a 2-factor authentication process. This means that in addition to your usual login credentials, we will send a temporary one-time SMS passcode to your registered mobile number in order for you to complete the transaction. This process ensures that only you, as the account holder, will be authorised to carry out transactions on your account.

    Automatic Logout - To prevent unauthorized access at your PC while it is unattended, we have implemented a time-out feature. Your login session of Online Banking will be terminated if the browser is left idle for a while.

    Last Login Date and Time are indicated- Your last login date and time are provided in your first screen for your verification. The system does not allow simultaneous or multiple log in. The Bank always considers security to be of utmost importance. We have adopted very high standards and tight controls in managing our computer systems and networks.

  9. What should I do if I have forgotten my password?
  10. If you forgot your password, you can reset it online using your ATM/Debit Card number and PIN or your Account number and TIN.