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Seamless international banking beyond borders.

As the world becomes more globally connected, we recognise it is crucial for you to stay on top of opportunities wherever you go. As a leading international bank, we can meet your needs for international banking and wealth diversification. Whether it's in Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Jersey, Africa, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Jordan or the UAE, you can enjoy a host of worldwide privileges. Our team of Relationship Managers are ready to connect you to global opportunities based on your needs1.

A Dedicated Relationship Management Team that Connects You to the World

Our dedicated team of Relationship Managers understand your culture and are in tune with your international banking needs.

Together with a team of specialists, they are ready to connect you to global opportunities and make your banking experience seamless.

International Recognition for You and Your Family

As a Priority Banking client, your status extends worldwide. Your family will also enjoy the same recognition whether at home or overseas2.

Designated International Banking Centres Worldwide

A warm welcome awaits you and your family at more than 250 Priority Banking Centres or designated International Banking Centres across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Present your Priority Banking Platinum Debit Card at these centres and you will receive:

No Charges on International Fund Transfers between Standard Chartered Bank accounts4

Enjoy fee reversal on Outward Telex Transfer charges for international fund transfers between Standard Chartered Bank accounts. This is applicable at all our branches.

Free ATM Cash Withdrawals Worldwide

Your Standard Chartered Bank Debit Card is your passport to financial convenience as you can access your accounts and make cash withdrawals free of charge5 at Standard Chartered Bank and Visa /MasterCard ATMs worldwide.

Pre-arrival Account Opening6

Your needs are always anticipated. For example, if you are relocating to another country, simply give us the details ahead of time and, your new accounts will be opened and ready when you arrive (subject to local regulations).

Global Link – One-click Access to Your Worldwide Accounts7

Log in to our award-winning Online Banking platform and have a consolidated view of your Standard Chartered Bank accounts in up to 18 countries7 anytime, anywhere.

Breeze Mobile Banking

Breeze Mobile Banking is our signature mobile application. It lets you use the spare moments in your day to take care of your banking, wherever you are. You can track transactions, pay bills, transfer money, see where the closest ATM/branch is located and which of your favourite outlets gives Standard Chartered Offers.

Global Foreign Exchange Discounts at Travelex8

Present your Priority Banking Platinum Debit Card and you will receive special discounts on foreign exchange at Travelex outlets in over 740 locations across 20 countries.

Choice of 6 Dynamic Markets

As one of the world's leading international banks with a footprint across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Standard Chartered is well positioned to provide for your cross-border banking and wealth management needs.

With International Banking, whether you are living or investing abroad, we can meet your wealth diversification needs in 6 of the world's most dynamic financial markets – China, Hong Kong, India, Jersey, Singapore and the UAE. Whichever location you choose, our team of specialised International Banking Relationship Managers will be ready to connect you to global opportunities and solutions.

Emergency Cash Services9

Unexpected accidents like losing your wallet can be inconvenient, but not if you are a Priority Banking client. That's because with a simple call to your home Phone Banking Centre, we can arrange for emergency cash9 to be delivered to our designated Priority Banking centres and Travelex outlets in over 500 locations across Asia, US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East.

  1. International services or benefits may not be available in all countries and are subject to local regulations. Please contact your branch or your Relationship Manager for more details.
  2. International recognition for you and your family is available through Platinum Debit Cards. Your family members must hold an eligible bank account with Standard Chartered Bank.
  3. Applicable to countries with preferential foreign exchange rates for local Priority Banking clients.
  4. This facility is available in participating countries only. Please contact your Relationship Manager to know the participating countries. You will receive a fee reversal on remittance charges.. Corresponding and beneficiary bank charges (including charges from foreign Standard Chartered entities) may apply and are not included in this.
  5. All fee waivers, charges and exchange rates are subject to change at the Bank's discretion and may be adjusted from time to time. For the latest information on services charges and terms and conditions, log on to www.sc.com/ae
  6. Applicable only to countries with Standard Chartered Bank presence.
  7. Countries include Bahrain, Bangladesh, Botswana, Brunei, China, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Zambia.. More countries will be added to this programme.
  8. Subject to Travelex Terms and Conditions. Conversion shall be effected at the Bank's prevailing rate of exchange for such currency or any rate prescribed by any relevant organisation involved in the services or package. For details of rate discounts, please refer to www.travelex.com/rewardscard
  9. Emergency Cash Services
    • Collection at Standard Chartered Bank branches
      • Limited to 1 transaction per month
      • Limited to US$5,000 per transaction
      • Handling fees, fees imposed by other banks, and other charges, if applicable, may apply
      • Client identification will be done by the respective Standard Chartered Bank branch
    • Collection at Travelex outlets
      • You may only collect emergency cash from Travelex outlets if Standard Chartered Bank does not have branches in a country
      • Before collecting emergency cash, you will need to produce some form of identification (with your photograph on it) so that Travelex can verify your identity.
      • Limited to 1 transaction per month
      • Limited to US$2,000 per transaction
      • Handling fees and other charges (if applicable) may apply . Any exchange rate conversion will be effected at our prevailing rate of exchange for that currency or any rate prescribed by any relevant organisation involved in providing the emergency cash services. Fees imposed by other banks may apply

    Terms and Conditions apply. For more details, please contact your Relationship Manager.