Protect yourself against Debit Card Fraud!


Please take time to go through the simple steps below in order to protect your account from fraudulent transactions.

  • Change your Debit Card / ATM PIN
    You can change your PIN through any of the 130 Standard Chartered Bank ATMs across the UAE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Please click on the link below to find your nearest Standard Chartered Bank ATM.

  • Be vigilant when using any ATM Machines
    Always be observant of your surroundings when withdrawing cash in the ATM machine and ensure that you have retrieved your card once your transaction has been completed.

  • Safeguard your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    Do not share or write down your PIN with anybody. Ensure to pick a random number which is not easily associated with you. Please change your PIN regularly for security reasons.

  • Keep a close track of your Banking Transactions
    Periodically check the accurateness of the Balances and Transactions reflected in your account though the ATM or the I-banking channel. For any irregularities, immediately alert Phonebanking through 600 5222 88.