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Lighting the way with LED

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We continue to find ways to reduce the environmental impact of our properties.

We estimate that lighting consumes around 20 per cent of a building’s energy. To lessen our demand on electricity and other imported power sources, we are replacing our existing lighting with energy efficient lighting, such as LED lighting with motion sensor controls. LED lights use around 80 per cent less energy than conventional lighting.

In 2015, eight markets upgraded their lighting systems to LEDs, saving us over $250,000 in operating costs. In Singapore, we opened a new office that uses LED lighting and provides us with greater control over our energy use. In Hong Kong, installing LED lighting has helped us to achieve the highest green building certification with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design programme, LEED. In Nigeria, our energy consumption reduced by 54 per cent in 2015, in part as a result of LED lighting.

We aim to install LED lighting in all of our new buildings and offices. In 2016, we will upgrade our office lighting in China, Ghana, the UK and Zambia.