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Group Chief Executive’s Review

A year of progress on a path that is now clear

In 2015, we set out a strategy designed to address our performance issues and reposition our business for success. We needed to secure our foundations, become lean and focused, and continually invest and innovate. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of our 86,000 colleagues around the world, I am proud to say we are succeeding. Financial performance in 2017 has been steady rather than spectacular but has significantly improved. The trebling of underlying profits, a strong capital position and emerging regulatory clarity allows us to resume paying dividends.

Of course, we have a long way to go. We are working hard to establish income growth momentum across all our businesses, and our return on equity continues to fall short of our cost of capital. At the time of writing we are just under halfway to our initial milestone of 8 per cent underlying return on equity. Our key investment areas are growing well and we are encouraged by our start to 2018. But we are well aware that this franchise is capable of much more. I would like to update you on the work we have done so far, and set out how we intend to build upon our successes to capture our full potential.

Securing our foundations

Our foundations have been secured. Our capital and liquidity positions are strong and our risk appetite is properly calibrated, with much greater front-line ownership. Loan impairments are at less than half the levels of recent years and we have made substantial progress on the items we set out for restructuring. Our enhanced resilience has been confirmed by our performance in the most recent Bank of England stress tests, which we passed without caveat. Despite this progress, we are not complacent and remain focused on further enhancing the risk management framework and capabilities of the Group, particularly in areas such as cyber security.

Getting lean and focused

We are ahead of our plans to remove inefficient cost from the business. This has enabled us to increase investment significantly while remaining on track to hold overall expenses flat over the initial three years of our plan to the end of 2018.

We are also working to instil a culture of excellence across our organisation. As José Viñals noted in his Chairman’s statement, we recently re-set expectations for every employee of the Group, based on three new valued behaviours: Do the right thing, Never settle, and Better together. Taken together these behaviours will help us to continuously challenge the way we do things, make better decisions, and hold each other accountable for delivery. They will be ingrained into every aspect of our business as we seek to put the client experience at the centre of every plan, every process, and every product offering. They will also inform our hiring policies and how we measure individual performance. We are building a truly client-centric organisation with no tolerance for complacency or mediocrity.

Investing and innovating

We have increased the rate of investment in our business by over 50 per cent since 2015, spending close to $1.5 billion in 2017 to improve our controls and bolster our franchise capabilities. We have focused on the areas we set out in 2015: the opening of China, the digitisation of Retail Banking, the wealth management needs of the growing affluent populations across our markets, and the ongoing development of countries in Africa. We are beginning to see the pay-back in terms of client satisfaction and strong income momentum in these areas, which together with our highly relevant network offering and strong brand are the foundations for our future. We were convinced these were the areas of our competitive advantage in 2015 and we believe it even more so today.

Technology is already changing the financial services landscape, reflecting evolving client expectations. While it threatens the status quo in some respects it will also be a source of relative advantage for us. Our presence in more than 60 markets gives us an unparalleled opportunity to test and refine new concepts in single locations before rolling them out across many. We are doing this in Côte d’Ivoire currently, trialling a purely digital retail banking offering. And as one of the world’s leading trade banks we are ideally placed to drive a better client experience and higher returns for our shareholders by utilising new technologies. For example, we are using blockchain technology to streamline cross-border payments as part of the first live, real-time payments corridor between Singapore and India that we initiated in 2017. We will expand this capability to five more pairs of countries in 2018.

Business performance

Our Corporate & Institutional Banking business has been re-positioned around our core strengths as a global network bank. This focus enabled us to on-board over 90 mainly OECD-based multinational companies in 2017. They were attracted by our strength in the emerging markets where they are investing. Early incremental income gains from this cohort are encouraging.

Simon Cooper, the CEO of this business, explained at an investor seminar in November how over the coming years we will grow the top line further, while improving our efficiency through cost management, process improvement and upgrading technology. He also outlined initiatives to allocate capital more effectively within the business and further improve its funding mix. At the same seminar the new head of our Financial Markets business Roberto Hoornweg explained our plans to re-establish it as a leading risk manager in global markets and the leading provider in emerging markets.

The Retail Banking business has continued to attract more affluent clients in core commercial cities across our footprint and to improve our digital offering. We have successfully targeted Priority clients with improved wealth and advice products and a more focused service offering. As a result, the proportion of income generated from that segment grew from 39 per cent to nearly 45 per cent in 2017, constituting most of the business’s 7 per cent income growth in the year, excluding the effect of exiting Thailand and the Philippines. Over the same period the proportion of Retail Banking clients that are digitally active rose from just under 40 per cent to around 45 per cent.

Ben Hung, who took over as CEO of Retail Banking in November, will host an investor seminar later in the first half of this year in which he will further explain our plans and ambitions for this business.

The ongoing transformation of our Commercial Banking business is delivering results. Enhanced frontline management and risk monitoring has translated into significantly lower loan impairment. It has returned to profitability and is now far better integrated with the other client segments, which will help it to generate higher quality and more sustainable income.

In Private Banking, we have continued to make significant investments in people and technology. We are encouraged by the increase in net new money driven in part by higher productivity from our new relationship managers, and in 2018 the business will target further improvements in both respects.

Group outlook

We believe these business initiatives will help the Group generate income at a compound annual growth rate of between 5 and 7 per cent in the medium term, with our personal banking businesses likely to grow at a relatively faster rate than our corporate businesses, given our focus on optimising the returns from our credit portfolios. We expect to achieve this growth while tightly managing costs, which we aim to increase below the rate of inflation across the Group. The operating leverage this creates, together with our continued focus on risks, will enable us to deliver an underlying return on equity above 8 per cent in the medium term.

Continued focus on conduct

Group-wide awareness of our collective responsibility to our clients and the communities that we serve has tangibly improved. We have developed and implemented a framework defining and identifying good conduct, and I have made it a strategic priority in 2018 for every segment and region rigorously to review, refine and strengthen our conduct environment. While incidents cannot be entirely avoided, we have no tolerance nor appetite for breaches of laws and regulations, and are determined to ensure that our employees do the right thing.

It also remains a central part of our mission to help combat financial crime. Over the course of 2017, our work has made a real impact by identifying and preventing criminal activity in the financial system. We continue to innovate, putting into place more efficient and effective tools, practices and processes that should position us among the leaders in discovering and disrupting financial crime. We take our responsibility as a leading international bank seriously and continue to invest significantly in improving standards across our markets through our correspondent banking and new NGO academies. Significantly, in 2017, the New York State Department of Financial Services recognised that the Group has made “substantial progress” towards remediating past financial crime controls issues and noted that we remain “fully committed” to finishing the job. As described on page 259, we continue to cooperate with authorities in the US and the UK in their investigations of past conduct and are engaged in ongoing discussions to resolve them. Concluding these historical matters, which could have a substantial financial impact, remains a focus for us.

The external outlook

The global economic environment continues to improve. Productivity remains weak but is improving, and inflation remains low. Commodity prices have increased but are still at levels that do not threaten global growth. Geopolitical risks remain high but have not affected economic activity. We expect these conditions to persist for some time, and as such expect interest rates to continue to normalise and trade volumes to increase. We expect the Middle East region to return to growth in 2018, while many sub-Saharan Africa economies are showing signs of stabilisation and recovery.


We have made encouraging progress in transforming the Group, the path ahead is clear and we are now well positioned to drive sustainable profit growth across our markets. We remain focused on improving our service to our clients, generating strong returns for our investors, and contributing even more to the communities in which we operate. This will enable us to realise the Group’s full potential.

Bill Winters
Group Chief Executive
27 February 2018