More Choices

Our auto loan allows you more choices while choosing your car. We finance brand new, reconditioned as well as second-hand cars.

Competitive Interest Rates

Our auto loans are bundled with competitive interest rates and without any hidden charges.

Insurance Coverage

You also have the option of availing an Auto Reducing Term Assurance (ARTA) with the loan. This optional life and Comprehensive General Insurance policy secures your loved ones and gives you peace of mind.

  • Flexible Loan Repayment

    Buy the car you desire and repay conveniently with instalments stretching upto 72 months.

  • Greater Financing

    Enjoy greater financial freedom with our auto loan which provides you a maximum amount of BDT 40 lac or 50% of car value whichever is lower.

Fees & Charges

Processing Fee (PF)

1% of loan amount + VAT and stamp cost

Early Settlement Fees

2% of outstanding loan amount (including any interest due) at any time of the loan tenor.

Prepayment Charges / Partial payment charges

2% of partial adjustment amount + VAT

Late payment charge

Penal interest is charged at the rate of 24% per annum on outstanding amount till payment is made.


1. If I want to buy a used microbus/minivan for personal use, will I be eligible for the loan?

Yes, we do provide auto loan for used microbus/minivans upto BDT 14 lac. Only for luxury microbuses, a loan amount upto BDT 40 Lac can be offered.

2. Is insurance facility available with auto loan?

"Yes, you can bundle your auto loan with any of the two insurances such as:
• Auto Reducing Term Assurance (ARTA): This is an optional Life Insurance facility offered to Auto Loan customers which enables the settlement of loan outstanding in case of Death or Permanent Disability of the customer.
• General Insurance: This is a comprehensive vehicle insurance which covers for vehicle accident & theft.

  • This insurance facility may be taken from Rupali Insurance Company Limited/ Green Delta Insurance. They ensure better service probability because of the large volume of business generated from the arrangement.
  • Rupali Insurance Company Limited/Green Delta provide competitive discount on premium for the customers.
  • Guaranteed TAT: Claim settlement is done within 7 working days after all required documents are received."
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