Unconditional withdrawals

It is a transaction account into which deposits and withdrawals may be made at your convenience.

No average balance fee

There is no average balance fee in your current account. There is a fixed account maintenance fee.

No Counter Transaction Fee

No fees on transactions over the counter giving you more freedom while making your transactions.

How it works

More details

Minimum Balance For FCY and Convertible Taka Account: No Minimum Balance. For Taka Current Account: BDT 100,000
Account Maintenance Fee For FCY Account: No Minimum Balance. For Taka Current & Convertible Account: BDT 500 Half yearly
Debit Card & Chequebook For FCY Account: International Debit Card (VISA). For Taka Current & Convertible Account: Taka Debit Card (VISA). Chequebook is available for all Current Accounts.
Fund Transfer For Taka Account: only local fund transfer is allowed. For FCY Account: Remit funds without any restriction in foreign currency in and out of the country. For Convertible Taka Account: Remit in foreign currency and spend in Taka. Fund can be repatriated abroad upon request.
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