Special Features

High Loan Amounts

Enjoy loan amounts of up to BD70,000 for Bahrainis and up to BD20,000 for residents. Your loan amount will depend primarily on your salary, your place of work and length of employment. Residents with end of service benefits (EOSB) are eligible for loans up to BD40,000.

Low Interest Rates

Standard Chartered offers one of the best Personal Loan interest rates in the market. You can now enjoy our Personal Loan with an APR starting from 6.1% for Bahrainis and 9.5% for expats. The APR will depend on place of your work and the tenure of your loan.

Convenient Repayment Periods

We give you the flexibility to tailor your Personal Loan to suit your financial commitments with loan tenures of up to 84 months for Bahrainis and 60 months for residents.

Top-up Loans

Need additional finance during the tenure of your existing loan? We'll be happy to top up your loan to the original amount, as long as your repayments have been regular.

Take-over Facilities

Want to enjoy the friendly and comprehensive loan from us, but already have a loan with another bank? No problem! We will help you transfer your loan to us. Our sales representative will ensure that the process is fast and hassle-free.

Credit Life Insurance

Your loan amount is insured for the duration of your repayment period. In the unfortunate event of death, all outstanding loan payments will be waived completely, so financial burdens are kept to a minimum. Some exclusion may apply. Please click here for the Terms & Conditions of the Insurance Service Provider.

For more information on Personal Loans, visit your nearest Standard Chartered branch or call us on 17531532.

* Terms and Conditions apply. Please click here to view the Terms and Conditions.
All loans are granted at the sole discretion of Standard Chartered Bank, Bahrain.
Loans are granted up to the end of service benefits in certain cases and repayment may be linked to the duration of the employment contract.

A flexible loan plan to help you realise your dreams (top)

Need extra cash to furnish your home? take your dream vacation? or give the best education to your children? No matter what your need is, apply for a Standard Chartered Personal Loan to realize your dreams.

Our Personal Loans are available to all residents and citizens of Bahrain with attractive interest rates, high loan amounts and convenient repayment options.

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