Bank Account Activity

Log in to Online Banking now and choose to receive alerts on the latest exchange rates, your bank account and credit card account, including the following:

  • Your salary is credited to your account
  • Your account is overdrawn
  • A cheque is returned
  • A fund transfer is made between your accounts
  • An ATM cash withdrawal, counter withdrawal or cheque withdrawal from your account is made, locally or overseas
  • Your Fixed Deposit is due for maturity

Credit Card Activity

  • A card payment is due or overdue
  • Your credit limit is near maximum
  • An ATM cash withdrawal or credit card point-of-sale transaction is made, locally or overseas
  • An internet transaction is made using your card
  • A cash withdrawal is made using your card, locally or overseas
  • Your contact details have been modified

Latest Rates

  • Foreign exchange rates


What are Banking Alerts?

Banking alerts are notifications about transactional activities on your bank account. These alerts will be delivered to you either via SMS or email. You can even customise your own alerts preferences via our Online Banking service.

What are the benefits of Banking Alerts?

Banking alerts provide timely updates on your account activities and help protect you from frauds.

What is the difference between Banking Alerts and SMS Banking?

You will receive banking alerts via SMS when there have been transactions performed on your bank account.

SMS Banking is a service that allows you to enquire and receive information on your credit card via short text messaging.

How can I subscribe to the Banking Alerts service?

Your can register via:
Online Banking

  • Step 1: Login to Online Banking.
  • Step 2: Click on "SMS Banking" from the left hand menu and follow the instructions to register. You will receive a confirmation via SMS.

Phone Banking

  • You may call our 24-hour Phone Banking Centre at 265 8000 to register.
Does registering for SMS Alerts mean that I am automatically enrolled for SMS Banking as well?

Yes, customer will automatically enrolled for SMS Banking upon registering to SMS Alerts

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