Send a pre-set code to 8755000 to:

  • View your credit card outstanding balance, minimum payment and payment due date
  • Check your credit card reward points balance and expiry date
  • Send us a travel notification
  • Check the latest fixed deposit minimum deposit amount and interest rates


Enquiries Text Code SMS Example
Outstanding Balance
Available Balance
Total Credit Limit
OBL(space)last 4 digits of your credit card number OBL 1234
Statement Balance
Minimum Amount Due
Payment Due Date
CDD(space)last 4 digits of your credit card number CDD 1234
Accumulated Reward Points and the Expiry Date REWARD(space)last 4 digits of your credit card number REWARD 1234
Travel Notification CNT(space)last 4 digits of your credit card number(space) departure date(space) return date(space) destination CNT 1234 29082012 01092012 Singapore


Enquiries Text Code SMS Example
Selling Telex / Draft XSTD(space)currency & amount XSTD AUD 5000
Buying Telex XBTT(space)currency & amount XBTT AUD 1000
Buying Draft XBDD(space)currency & amount XBDD USD 1000
Buying Notes XNB(space)currency & amount XNB AUD 500
Selling Notes XNS(space)currency & amount XNS GBP 200


Enquiries Text Code SMS Example
Minimum Deposit Amount FDA(space)currency FDA USD
Interest Rate BND/FC and Tenure FDR(space)currency(space)amount(space)tenure FDR USD 1000 1month

1Only local mobile phone numbers are accepted for the service.


Sign Up

New credit card members are automatically enrolled upon successful card application.

If you have not been enrolled and would like to do so, simply follow the steps below. Each credit card account must be enrolled separately, so if you have more than one card, just repeat the steps with each card.

Step 1:Key message
ENR _space_ the 16-digits of your credit card number _space_ birthdate

Step 2:Send to
875 5000


What does SMS mean?

SMS stands for Short Message Service, also known as text messaging. This allows you to send and receive short messages from your mobile.

What is Standard Chartered SMS Banking?

This is a service designed for customers who are constantly on the move. With SMS Banking, you can enquire about your account and credit card information via short text messaging.

How does SMS Banking work?

Customers need to compose and send an SMS to Standard Chartered Bank Brunei in a pre-defined service code in the format specified above.

The Bank will then process your request and send the results to you via SMS
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