• Principal Protection

    Enjoy various principal protection levels and investment tenors with our Structured Notes

  • Higher Returns

    Earn potentially higher returns than with a Fixed Deposit

  • No Front-End Fees

    No front end fees for our Structured Notes


What are Structured Notes?

A Structured Note is an investment product that obtains its value by reference to the price or value of an underlying reference asset. Examples of underlying reference assets include market indices, equities, interest rates, commodities, foreign exchange or a combination of the above.

Why invest in Structured Notes?

  • Low to medium risk appetite
  • Return of principal for 100% principal protected Structured Notes*
  • Potentially higher returns/yields as compared to traditional fixed deposits
  • Diversification into the underlying reference assets
  • Available in various tenors and underlying reference assets subject to customers' needs and demands
  • No front-end fees

What are the Risks?

Before you invest, however, you need to understand there are risks involved when it comes to investing into Structured Notes. Here are some of the key risks:

  • Reference asset risk: The performance of a Structured Note is linked to the performance of an underlying reference asset, hence if that asset underperforms, your returns may be affected.
  • Credit risk or default risk: This is the risk that a Structured Note Issuer will be unable to make interest or principal payments when they are due.
  • Liquidity Risk: Structured Notes are not liquid instruments and are not designed to be short-term trading instruments. You must be prepared to hold the Structured Note until the scheduled maturity as there is no active or liquid secondary trading market for the Structured Product and they are not listed or traded on any exchange, which means that investors may not be able to sell or terminate the structured product before maturity.

There are a few factors to consider before you invest:

  • The tenor suits your investment time horizon.
  • You understand the underlying mechanics of the investment and have compared its current market potential return with a Fixed Deposit of the same tenure.
  • The frequency of the coupon payout suits your cash flow requirements.
  • Whether there is a penalty to unwind if you need to liquidate the investment prior to maturity.

*100% principal protection is applicable only if investment is held till maturity, subject to credit risk of the Issuer and may vary according to each structure. Please check with our staff for principal protection of each specific structure.

Useful Information

Qualified investors refer to any individual or corporation that falls under the Accredited Investors definition as specified under Section 20 of Securities Market Order, 2013 (SMO).

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