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Your financial needs falling into place

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Personal Loan Campaign 2020

Your financial needs falling into place

Your financial needs falling into place

From now until 30 June 2020, slot in your financial goals with Standard Chartered’s personal financial options and let us help you achieve it with the lowest interest rates.

6% EIR (equivalent to between 3.173-3.221% p.a. flat rate)
No processing fee (usual BND200)

6% EIR (Effective Interest Rate)

24 (2 years) 3.185%
36 (3 years) 3.173%
48 (4 years) 3.182%
60 (5 years) 3.199%
72 (6 years) 3.221%

Illustration of your savings with our low interest rate

6% EIR (SCB)
Monthly Repayment BND345.81 BND331.46
Total Payable Amount BND24,898.32 BND23,865.12
Savings BND0 BND1,033.20
*The above illustration is based on a loan amount of BND20,000 for a tenor of 6 years

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