• Convenient way to access extra funds anytime
  • Cost effective daily interest calculation on utilised amount


  • Suitable For
    • Sole Proprietors / Partnerships / Private Limited Companies
    • MCST / Charities / Non-profit Organisations
  • Documents Required
    • Certificate of Registration - section 16 & 17 (for sole Proprietor and Partnership only)
    • Certificate of Incorporation and Form X, Memorandum and Articles of Association, List of Shareholders and their particulars (for Limited Company only)
    • Identification Card (IC) or Passport of sole proprietor / partners / directors / shareholders / guarantors
    • Profit & Loss Balance Sheet of past 3 years (audited / management) - minimum 2 full years and latest financials not more than 6 months old from date of application
    • Projected Profit & Loss for the current financial year
    • Past 6 months company / personal bank statements
    • Latest debtors and creditors aging report
    • Organisation chart / management team
    • Brief write-up of company profile / background

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the Account Terms and Standard Terms and any other documents forming our banking agreement.

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