• Suitable for low to medium risk appetite
  • Return of principal (subject to conditions)
  • Potentially higher returns compared to fixed deposits

  • Available in different tenors and underlying instruments
  • Minimum investment from BND50,000


  • How it works

    Structured notes are highly customised investment instruments where the return is dependent on the performance of some underlying financial instrument.

    The typical financial instruments linked to such deposits might include market indices, equities, interest rates, fixed-income instruments, commodities, foreign exchange or a combination of these.

  • Suitable For
    • Sole Proprietors / Partnerships / Private Limited Companies
    • MCST / Charities / Non-profit Organisations
    • Customers looking to maximise interest on surplus funds

Documents Required

  • Board Resolution, Memorandum & Article of Association for Limited Companies
  • Company Mandate for Partnership and Sole Proprietors

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