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At Standard Chartered Bank, we believe that the best opportunities should be seized. We offer hundreds of unit trusts from major fund houses, covering a wide range of fund types and investment strategies to suit your needs under different market situations.

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  • Capital guaranteed funds - Investment funds that guarantee the investor's principal and pay a fixed rate after completing a specified tenure.
  • Equity funds - Funds that invest in local and/or international stocks.
  • Balanced funds - Unit trusts that aim to provide a combination of growth, income and conservation of capital by investing in a combination of stocks, bonds and/or money market instruments.
  • Bond funds - Invest in debt securities issued by governments and corporations that emphasizes a regular stream of income.
  • Money market funds - Invests in money market instruments, a form of debt with short-term maturity period e.g. Treasury Bills.
  • Real estate investment trusts – Invest in real estate directly through properties or mortgages.
Achieve your financial goals with monthly savings

Our Regular Saving Plan helps you to smooth out the peaks and troughs, grasp the potential market appreciation in the long run and allows you to reach your financial goals in a discipline way.

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