• For children below 15 years of age, account opening by parent/guardian is required.
  • For Brunei Dollar Fixed Deposit: Minimum opening deposit of BND1,000 with 1 month tenure.
  • For Foreign Currency Fixed Deposits: Minimum opening deposit of 2,000 in respective currencies for AUD/CAD/NZD/GBP/USD/EUR or 5,000 for CNY and HKD.

Additional Features

  • Instant access to cash through an overdraft secured against your fixed deposit.
  • Apply for a credit card using your fixed deposit as a pledge.

Useful Information

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  • Attractive Interest Rates

    Enjoy higher interest rates than standard accounts.

  • Flexible Tenure

    Choose from a wide range of tenures to suit your needs.

  • Choice of Currencies

    Take your pick from a wide range of major foreign currencies in addition to Brunei Dollars.

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