Open to applicants aged 15 years and above
Minimum opening deposit of BND500*
For Student $aver, minimum opening deposit is BND10.

Additional Features

  • Yearly statement to help keep track of your account activities
  • Interest accrued on a daily basis and paid yearly
  • Enjoy higher interest rate# than standard accounts
  • Option to top up your account any time you please
  • Flexibility to withdraw^ your funds once a year to meet those unexpected needs.
  • Apply for a credit card using your account as a security pledge.
  1. Applicable to the first BND5,000 of deposit (BND2,000 for Student $aver). Normal interest rates apply to deposits above BND5,000. Interest rate is subject to review at the Bank's sole discretion.

^ Withdrawal is allowed once a year between 1 January and 31 December, both dates inclusive. For second and subsequent withdrawals, lower interest will be paid on the remaining deposit balance from the withdrawal date till 31 December of the following year.

Useful Information

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  • Attractive Interest Rates

    Enjoy higher interest rates than standard accounts.

  • Flexibility

    Top up any time during the tenure and enjoy the flexibility to make cash withdrawal once a year to meet those unexpected needs.

  • Credit Card

    Apply for a credit card using your account as a security pledge.

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