This exciting policy aims to help our policyholders save for planned events, could it be your children’s education, a dream wedding, starting a business or any other future investments. On maturity the client can take all the investment value.


  • Gives you an access to a number of funds to select from; Life Managed and Offshore Funds.
  • On maturity, you can take the full investment value of your policy. If you do not need the money at maturity, you have an option to extend the policy term.
  • Death benefit of 102% of total premiums paid or fund value in the event.
  • Transparent charging structure, which gives you a view of how your money is invested, eliminating any surprises.
  • Allows you to switch between investment funds up to 3 times a year. This enables you to monitor market performance and decide which fund to invest in, based on the associated risks and returns of the fund.
  • Partial withdrawals are allowed from the 2nd year onwards.

Risk Factor

You may get back less than the amount invested due to:

  • Performance of the fund you selected
  • Withdrawals you made
  • Missed premium payments

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future performance of the fund.

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