Enjoy the luxury of your car knowing that your vehicle is protected with the right motor insurance package. Don’t let your ride drain your finances just because accidents happen when you least expect, on or off the roads.

We cover all types of vehicles including Grey Imports with any of the following solutions:

Comprehensive Motor Protect

  • Covers your vehicle and that of the third party (if you are found to be at fault) against accidental damage. It also covers fire, theft/hijacking.
  • Pays medical expenses up to P10,000 for bodily injury as a direct result of an accident.
  • Pays compensation for death or bodily injury to any person for which an insured is legally liable to.
  • Pays replacement and repair costs against all claims for damage to any person’s property
  • Pays up to 10% of the vehicle value towards credit shortfall on the vehicle.
  • Claims are processed for repairable and non-repairable vehicles involved in accidents with an effort to place one in the same financial position they were in before the accident.

Third party, Fire & Theft

  • The cover excludes accidental damage to the insured vehicle. It covers the insured against fire, theft and the third party against accidental damage caused by the insured.

Third Party Only

  • Covers the insured against liability to third party property due to an accident caused by the insured.

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