“FX Service” and“Global Link Service”Launch on Mobile Banking

Standard Chartered Bank continues to introduce new Mobile Banking functions and provide you with Safe, Fast and Easy Mobile Banking service.

FX Service: Conversion between foreign currencies to meet your FX needs, click Here to know more.

Global Link Service: Transfer between your own global accounts anywhere anytime, quick and simple, click Here to know more.

Fixed Deposit/Call Deposit 2.0 Application Service: Apply for your fixed deposit/Call Deposit 2.0 instantly 7x24 hours. Up to 11 currency options. ClickHere to know more.

FaceID Login Service:iPhoneX users could login SC mobile banking through FaceID, click Here to know more;

Client Investment Profile: Help you better understand investment objectives and update your risk profile , click Here to know more;

Purchase MALI products: Purchase market linkage series financial products with simple 6 steps, click Here to know more;

Registration function: Easy steps to register your online banking service, click Here to know more;

TouchID Login Service: Simply login mobile banking using TouchID, click Here to know more;

  • FX Service: 7* 24 instant conversion to meet your FX needs;
  • Global Link Service: 7*24 Transfer between your own global accounts, quick and simple;
  • Online Fixed Deposit/Call Deposit 2.0 Application: 7 x 24 hours service. 11 currencies for your choice!
  • Face ID/TouchID Login: No password, just scan your face or use a simple touch, you could quickly login SC mobile bank;
  • Remittance transfer: No fees for Internal and Cross-bank transder if the amount is less than RMB 50,000;
  • Online investment assessment: Help you understand your investment intentions and update your latest risk appetite;
  • Investment product trading platform: Provide one-stop solution for you, watch closely of investment situation;
  • Market Linkage Series Product Subscription: Easily complete online product subscription and purchase wealth products;
  • Online payment: Connect WeChat / Alipay / UnionPay, enjoy easy online shopping.

Scan the QR code to download immediately

For IOS user, please search for “SC Mobile“ in Apple store or scan below QR code to download Standard Chartered Mobile Banking App.

For Android user, please scan the QR code below to download Standard Chartered Mobile App from our official channels, including Standard Chartered website, client-facing materials at our branches, email notification of monthly e-statement and our Retail Banking e-welcome brochure. You can also download Standard Chartered Mobile App from bank authorized Android Market, Hua Wei Market, Mi Market. Standard Chartered Bank (China) is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by SC Mobile App downloaded from any other unauthorized channels.

You can also visit https://retail.sc.com/cn/breeze/?restrictedAccess#brz-login from your mobile to log in to Standard Chartered Mobile Banking.

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