We offer you all-in-one solutions according to factors such as your business and trade model, working capital cycle and cash flow situation that cover your comprehensive business needs of trade finance, with:

  • Trade Finance for Buyer (Domestic / Import Purchases):
    • Bank Guarantee Issuance (Tender, Performance, and Advance Payment)
    • Financial Guarantee
    • Shipping Guarantee
    • Letter of Credit (LC) Issuance (Sight / Usance / Back-to-back)
    • Stand-by LC (SBLC)
    • Commercial SBLC
    • Transferrable LC
    • Loan Against Trust Receipt (LATR)
    • Banker's Acceptance Draft (BAD) Issuance
    • Commercial Acceptance Draft (CAD) Buyer Discounting
    • Invoice Financing (Purchases)
  • Trade Finance for Supplier (Domestic / Export Sales):
    • Export LC Confirmation: Confirmed Export LC / Open Confirmation
    • CBN Clean / CBN with Discrepancy
    • Credit Bill on Collection (CBC) under LC
    • Acceptances under Export LCs
    • Bank Accepted Draft (BAD) Discounting
    • Commercial Acceptance Draft (CAD) Supplier Discounting
    • Invoice Financing (Sales)
  • Loan & Others
    • Revolving Short Term Loan
    • Term Loan
    • Forex Forward


  • With minimum Annual Sales Turnover ranging from RMB 0 to 3.25 million and registered business operation of at least 0 to 3 years, depending on the type of collaterals.
  • Able to present genuine and effective Business License, Enterprise Code, Owner’s Proof of Identity and credit history reports (if applicable).


    • Q1: What’s the eligible loan amount?

      A1: The eligible loan amount depends on some factors, which are associated with the needs of working capital amount and cycle, and collateral value. Our Relationship Manager will help you to estimate how much you can apply for.

    • Q2: What are the interest rate and other fees?

      A2: Our Standard Trade Tariff is available in the website click here. For interest rates and other pricing, our Relationship Manager will provide you the latest information on the pricing range.

    • Q3: What are the required documents for loan application?

      A3: The documents required include, but not limited to the following:

      1. Facility Request Form;
      2. Business License, Tax Registration Certificate, Enterprise Code Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Board of Resolutions (if applicable) and Verification Report of Paid-up Capital;
      3. Taxable income documents for the latest 6 months;
      4. Bank Statement;
      5. Personal Guarantor's ID Copy.

    • Q4: How can I apply for this loan?

      A4: Please contact us through any of the followings:

      1. Business Banking Customer Service Hotline 800 988 0018;
      2. or our nearest branch or sub-branch to your location.

Note: This material is for reference only, and does not constitute offer or invitation for offer of any financial service or product. Please refer to relevant service or product terms for details of the service or product. Standard Chartered Bank (China) limited (the "Bank") may alter any contents herein at its sole discretion at any time, and please make sure to check with your Relationship Manager for details. The Chinese version shall prevail in case of a discrepancy between the English version and Chinese version.

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