Join “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” and earn triple rewards! Welcome Gift, Additional Credit Card Cashback, and Loyalty Gift.
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Join “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” to enjoy convenient and “privileged” banking service with triple rewards!
Personal Banking Privileged Plan, just made for you. Whatever for online, mobile, financial solutions or customer support, “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” will provide you a customised service all the time. Free choice on any of following setups, the banking service can give multiple combinations to your detailed needs.

  • Choice of banking service to your demands

    • Pay your credit card bills: by setting up monthly direct debit instructions if you hold both credit card and debit card of our Bank.
    • See and move your money on the go: using our online banking, mobile banking, Alipay, China Union Pay, 24-hour phone banking and credit card WeChat services.
    • Manage your wealth: using our online banking capabilities, including purchasing investment products, updating client investment profile or a quick view on your holdings.
    • One-on-One service: a banking representative will assist you in apply for credit card or unsecured loans.
    • Enjoy a fabulous welcome gift for activating your credit card.
    • Earn triple credit cards reward points that can be converted to mileages (online shopping also entitled with points).
  • Preferential Rates

    • Free Charge for cash withdrawals from any domestic CUP ATM, and RMB2,000 equal or above abroad*.
    • Free Charge for domestic transfer online*
    • No account management fee
    • No annual fee for first year Standard Chartered Zhen Yi Credit Cards holders (and no annual fee for next year as long as cardholders swipe 10 times a year)
    • Preferential rates for Foreign Currency, Mortgage Loan and Personal loan
    • *Valid before 20 September, 2017

Join “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” and earn triple rewards!
  • Period: between 1 October, 2016 and 20 September, 2017 (both inclusive)
  • Eligibility: anyone who opens a banking account and joins "Personal Banking Privileged Plan" after 1 October, 2016 (inclusive)
  • 1st Reward: Welcome Gift


  • 2nd Reward: Loyalty Gift


  • 3rd Reward: Credit Card Cashback


Anyone who successfully opens a banking account during the programme period and keeps his/her total asset in month being over RMB100,000 or equivalent foreign currency for three consecutive months (“maintenance period”), starting from any month in the first three months upon account opening, are entitled with the Welcome Gift, non credit card holders of our bank are entitled with RMB150 Electronic Coupon; our bank credit card holders are entitled with 150 thousands credit card reward points.

*If a client opens an account in October 2016, and his/her total asset in month meets RMB100,000 or equivalent foreign currency in any month of October, November, December 2016 or January 2017 and keeps the same eligibility for three consecutive months, he/she will be entitled with “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” Welcome Gift.
**Welcome gift will be delivered to our client at the end of the month after the client has successfully maintained the eligibility for three consecutive months.
If the client granted with the Welcome Gift for the “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” has kept his/her total asset in month being RMB100,000 (or equivalent foreign currency) for three consecutive months after the 3-month maintenance period, he/she will be entitled with the Loyalty Gift for the “Personal Banking Privileged Plan”: non credit card holders of our bank are entitled with RMB100 Electronic Coupon; our bank credit card holders are entitled with 100 thousands credit card reward points. If the abovementioned client of “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” also holds a credit card of our Bank and has spent RMB 2,016 in total using our Bank’s credit card in any month of the maintenance period, then he/she will be granted with RMB100 credit card cashback.
During the programme period, any “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” client who has signed a letter of authorisation for Direct Debit Instruction and successfully performed at least one transaction within three months after the signing date will be granted with the Welcome Gift RMB20 Electronic Coupon.

*This Welcome Gift may be granted to the same client together with the aforesaid Welcome Gift for the “Personal Banking Privileged Plan”.
  *The cashback will be sent to the credit card at the end of month after the 3-month maintenance period.

Apply now

How to become a “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” client?

  • Keep your total asset in month being over RMB100,000 or equivalent foreign currency;
  • Sign any housing mortgage loan contract with us and successfully get the loan; and the related loan contract has not been terminated and there isn’t any breach of the loan contract;
  • Sign a Direct Debit Instruction authorisation letter with our Bank.

How to apply

  • Fill in online application form and a banking representative will call you to confirm your personal information and make an appointment for you to open an account at our branch
  • Make an appointment: call our 24-hour client service hot line 400 888 8083
  • Visit our branch: Search for our branch locations, Our banking representative can assist you in applying for a credit card while you’re in the process of opening a banking account. You will receive a confirmation message delivered to your mobile phone after your credit card application is approved.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of “Triple Rewards” for the “Personal Banking Privileged Plan”:
  1. “Our Bank” refers to Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited.
  2. “Clients of credit card of our Bank” refers to holders of principal cards of Standard Chartered Zhencheng and Standard Chartered Zhenyi credit card series.
  3. DDI refers to the service whereby clients authorise our Bank to, based on withdrawal instruction, transfer the corresponding amount from clients’ remittance accounts to their receipt accounts of our Bank. The monthly withdrawal amount shall not be less than RMB10,000. DDI for personal unsecured loan is not included in this programme.
  4. Regarding the Credit Card Casback, the purchase amounts achieved both through UnionPay cards and VISA cards are accepted, and only the purchase achieved with a principal card is accepted for this purpose.
  5. In case of return of goods or refund, the corresponding purchase amount shall not be included in this programme.
  6. In case of abnormal conditions such as delayed payment, deregistration and freezing of credit card account, or refund, fake purchase, cash out, illegal transactions that disqualify cardholders from this programme, Standard Chartered will cancel cardholders’ eligibility to take part in this programme and shall have the right to deduct the cash-back that has been granted to cardholders from any credit card/settlement account they have opened in our Bank.
  7. Participation in this programme entails adherence to Terms and Conditions herein, and Articles of Association of Credit Card of Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited, and Credit Card (Personal Card) Receipt Contract of Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited.
  8. The Credit Card Purchase Gift for “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” may be enjoyed together with other credit card programmes.
  9. Welcome Gift for “Personal Banking Privileged Plan” shall not be enjoyed together with other new client programmes of the “Personal Banking Privileged Plan”.
  10. Electronic coupons will be sent by the supplier to client’s cell phone, of which the number has been registered at our Bank. Please make sure that the cell phone number registered at our Bank is correct and valid.
  11. Credit card points can be redeemed for gifts in our bank’s credit card mall, points expired date and other rules will follow credit card points rules of Standard Chartered Bank.
  12. Our Bank shall have the right, within the legally permitted scope, to collect, use, reserve and disclose to others (including but not limited to third party suppliers) the personal information of clients participating in this programme.
  13. In case of any inconsistency between the English and the Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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