China’s central bank cut interest for 5 times in less than one year since 2014,

Shanghai stock index fell from 5000 to 3000 in 3 months since Jun 2015,

The reference rate of RMB against US dollar was cut down in one day in Aug. 11, 2015,

Changes come so fast and the news is not always satisfying…

So how to prevent the asset shrink? How to maintain the value of our asset?

「Protection Capability Solution」 will help you t protect your beloved family with the steady growth of your asset.

1. Saving and Principal-protected Investment Solution

  • Time deposit in local currency
    Competitive deposit rate for the tenor of 3-month /6- month / 1-Year/ 2-Year

  • FCY Master
    Wide range of currencies selection, high yields, zero-risk, and flexible allocations.

  • Interest rate- linked investment
    100% principal protection with potential high yield

2. Bancassurance Solutions

a. Participating Annuity Insurance

b. Endowment and accidental insurance

c. Critical illness insurance

d. Universal life and investment-linked insurance

e. Insurance Club offers members with all kinds of privileges and events*.

i. Medical services

ii. Law and trust services

iii. Travel Services

* Terms and Conditions apply. Please enquire your Relationship Manager for details before you join.

3. Safety Solution

  • Credit card
    - Safety insurance for travel and public transportation**

  • Card loss insurance
    ** Applies to Platinum credit card holders only

  • Mortgage loan
    - Our mortgage services are designed to help you own your property easily
    - Free mortgage housing property insurance to reduce the customer economic pressure of mortgage repayment due to fire and other reasons caused by housing losses.
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  2. A wealth management product is not a deposit and carries investment risks. Please exercise caution when you invest.
  3. The principal-protected product with floating investment yield mentioned in this document also has investment risks. Only principal is protected if the product is held till the Maturity Date in accordance with the term and conditions of the Transaction Documents, and no investment yield is guaranteed.
  4. It is the insurance company that offers the insurance products. The Bank, being entrusted by the insurance company, only acts as an agent of the insurance company to sell the insurance products within the scope permitted by the insurance regulatory authority. For insurance products, the Bank provides no guarantee or promise for the investment principal or yield, and is not liable for any investment loss.
  5. Insurance products are not bank deposit, fund or bank wealth management products. Surrender or early termination of insurance product after purchase might cause significant loss. You should fully understand the risks associated with the insurance product and exercise caution when purchase insurance product after taking into consideration of your risk profile, insurance needs, financial situation, investment experience and other factors. For detailed product information and risk disclosure, please contact our branches/sub-branches or your relationship manager, and please also be reminded to read carefully the relevant product documents.
  6. This document does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation, particular needs of any particular person, and it does not constitute a recommendation for any particular person or class of persons. You should make independent evaluation on the information and advice in this document, and seek independent professional advice from third parties where necessary. Unless there is fraud, intentional misconduct or gross negligence by the Bank, the Bank shall not take any legal liability for this document or any consequence in relation thereto.
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