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  • Standard Chartered Bank is dedicated to the research of FCY market. We are confident to provide you with professional and comprehensive services of FCY management. However complex your needs toward FCY are, FCY Master is ready to help you keep the situation well in hand and win over the FCY market

    1. Full coverage of major currencies around the world

    We provide you with deposit service of 10 currencies including USD, HKD, AUD, EUR, GBP, CAD, SGD and NZD etc., helping you win over the global FCY market

    2. A wide selection of solutions to deposit bundles, maximizing interest income

    We provide you with deposit products of multiple tenors and currencies, satisfying your needs in all means. Your interest income is enhanced through deposit bundles of CNY and FCY

    Product Character
    VIP deposit rate VIP Time deposit rate A variety of deposit tenor is offered to meet your needs.
    Target deposit A 13-month target deposit in a foreign currency that offers you special foreign currency deposit interest rates. Flexible withdrawals and a 100% principal guarantee allow you to flexibly grasp long-term interest.
    Monthly selected currency The selected currency is offered with special interest rate, helping you succeed in global currency market.
    Special package Maximize the deposit benefits with the help of RMB and FCY special package
    3. Dual privileges in interest rate and exchange rate with supreme service

    VIP exchange rates are available if the amount per settlement is no less than USD50,000 or its equivalent. Moreover, we have special rates every month to help you secure enhanced proceeds.

    Multiple personalized services are available when you hold or buy any kind of foreign currency deposit product (except for foreign currency demand deposits, call deposits and foreign exchange settlement and sale products).

    • Weekly Market News: Weekly News offers a timely update of global market information to help you better seize opportunities

    1. This document is provided only for reference by Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Standard Chartered Bank").

    2..If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes


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