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Standard Chartered Bank launched its “Priority Private Wealth” service to serve its high-end customers. We would like to invite you to experience this exclusive service, that helps grow your wealth led by one of the world’s leading wealth management specialists.

As our Priority Private Wealth client, not only can you enjoy a series of world-class privileges, but also a highly personalized suite of wealth advisory solutions, which can help you optimize your investment portfolio returns to help achieve your financial goals.
Our core approach begins by developing a thorough understanding of, and appreciation for your unique circumstances and objectives in order to grow your wealth to sustain your personal and family’s financial needs.

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To ensure you receive a level of service and attention befitting your status as our premium client, a dedicated team-based approach will provide you with a holistic solution with value-added services.

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As a Private Wealth client, you can expect to enjoy access to certain privileges including worldwide recognition, some of the world’s top brand exclusive events and more.

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We have in-depth knowledge of the needs of corporate clients and will fully support your company’s operations. We can formulate “one-stop” solutions for your company that cover everything from fund management, trading and supply chain funding, business expansion, risk management, to even improving your returns.
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