You Dream About the Perfect Property, and We'll Help It Become a Reality

Buying your own property is not as difficult as you think. At Standard Chartered, our mortgage services are designed to help you own your property easily.

Preferential Fees & Charges
  • We bear Mortgagee’s Right Registration Fee and related third party fee & charges including Insurance Fee, Legal Fee, Valuation Fee and Mortgage Loan Contract Notarization Fee if any.
  • We offer the competitive loan interest rate .
Fast Approval
  • Provide fast approval in principle.
  • The final approval can be informed in 2 days the soonest. *
  • The mortgage loan will be released in the same day you meet all drawdown requirements the soonest. **
    *The above only happen when all the required information and documents have been successfully submitted.
    **The above only happen when customer has signed the mortgage loan contract with the bank and all loan disbursement conditions are fulfilled.
Flexible Solutions
  • We provide wide range of loan currency options such as USD, SGD, HKD and RMB etc. ***
  • You can manage your repayment with Standard Chartered Bank in multiple channels
    ***Foreign currency loans only apply to applicant: foreign passport holders. HMT(Hong Kong citizens, Macau citizens and Taiwanese) and Chinese Passport holders with overseas PR Permit.
Professional Advisor
  • Personal consultants will tailor the Mortgage loan solutions to fit your financial requirements.
  • You can enjoy face to face consultant service.

Note: If there are any different requirements stated in the law or regulations, the requirements of
          law or regulations will prevail.

Basic Requirements


  1. Age 21 to 65
  2. Mortgage Loan Application Form
  3. ID /Passport /Home Visit Certificate /PR permit
  4. Residents Booklet (if applicable)
  5. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  6. Property Sales and Purchase Agreement
  7. Income proof

    For salaried individuals:

    • Income proof, such as Employer written confirmation letter /Latest bank income proof /Latest tax demand note /Latest government pension statement

    For self-employed individuals:

    • Latest annual Income Tax returns / Tax demand note / VAT or GST.
    • Latest 6 months Bank statements and most recent audited annual financial report.
  8. Others, where required

To make your application, simply call our Mortgage Customer Service Hotline 400-888-8083, calling from overseas: (86-755) 2589-2333 where our professional Customer Service Representatives will be pleased to help you.

Please note: The above documents required may change from time to time in accordance with the changes of laws and regulations or SCB China's own requirements without notice from SCB, and could differ among different cities/regions based on local regulatory requirements or SCB China's own requirements. You are advised to contact an SCB branch to confirm the detail of the necessary documents and procedures required by local requirements before applying for a home loan.

Application Flowchart

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Fees and Charges

Item Department
Mortgagee's Right Registration Fee Administrative Department of Property Registration (Standard Chartered Bank bears)
Insurance Fee Insurance Company (Standard Chartered Bank bears)
Legal Fee Law Firm (Standard Chartered Bank bears)
Valuation Fee Valuation Company (Standard Chartered Bank bears)
Mortgage Loan Contract Notarization Fee Notarization Center (Standard Chartered Bank bears)
Mortgage Loan Contract Stamp Duty Tax Bureau

For detailed information, please call 400-888-8083.

Mortgage Effective Rate

  • Current Standard Chartered Bank (China) Individual Foreign Currency Mortgage Loan Benchmark Interest Rate (p.a. %) (Updated as of 15th Sep 2018)
    6.2000% 7.4000% 4.8000%
  • Current PBOC RMB Mortgage Loan Benchmark Interest Rate (p.a. %)
    > 5 Years 1-5 Years (inclusive) <= 1 Year
    4.9000% 4.7500% 4.3500%

*Above Foreign Currency Mortgage Loan Benchmark Interest Rate is only applicable for loans applied in 2013 and after. Foreign Currency Mortgage Loan is available to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan residents, PRC citizens with green cards of foreign countries and foreigners only.

*Above information is for reference only. The Bank has the discretion to change and update the above Benchmark Interest Rate from time to time according to the market changes.

*Interest rate (per month)= Interest rate (per annum)/12

*The English version is for reference only and if there is any discrepancy between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

*For any questions, please call our customer service hotline 400-888-8083.

Repayment Options

  1. Straight-Line Repayment
    Subject to interest rate fluctuations, you repay through equal instalments for easy budgeting.

  2. Balance-Reducing Method
    Your principal is divided equally over the repayment period and interest is calculated on the outstanding principal. As your repayments continue and your outstanding principal decreases, your monthly instalment decreases.

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