Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing (SiB) is Standard Chartered's global fundraising initiative to help tackle avoidable blindness. We have so far established six medical projects in China, investing more than RMB20 million to deliver comprehensive and sustainable eye-care services to 1.7 million people, among which over 200,000 people have received cataract surgeries. Improved medical facilities that will continue to benefit its local communities. We target to raise USD 100m by year 2020 for SiB.

A Story from Wang Enyou (Male, 54 years old)

Wang Enyou
A father and family breadwinner in Chifeng, Inner mongolia
Cataracts have rendered Wang Enyou helpless and his family in financial despair, as he could no longer work on his farm to support his family. The breadwinner has been robbed of his sight as his cataracts and vision deteriorated over the years.


"I can be a farmer and give my family a better life again!"

54-year-old Wang Enyou lives in Quantai, a small village located in Chifeng county, Inner Mongolia. Wang has been a farmer most of his life, and is the breadwinner of the family.

Though in the past few years, Wang had developed cataracts in both eyes and it had robbed him of his sight. Farming has become an almost impossible task. Wang has to have his wife accompany him wherever she went.

The family's quality of life fell dramatically as the disease progressed. Wang was aware that the cataracts are the source of all his problems, though it would cost him half his annual income to undergo surgery. Costs aside, surgery was only available in the faraway Chifeng city hospital.


"I was stuck in this impossible situation until the SiB / FHF screening found me." said Wang.

The outreach team found Wang in their regular screening examinations in Quantai village in March 2014. This was a deliberate attempt to reach out to the needy, who do not have fair access to proper medical care. Wang was sent promptly to Chifu Chaoju Eye Hospital for surgery and regained his sight almost immediately.

Wang is now a happy man again. He said, "I am released from my darkness, and my wife is also released from me! I can do my farming again,and give my family a better life again!"

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A Story from Dr. Donny W. Suh

Dr. Donny W. Suh

Surgeon / trainer at Shanghai EENT Hospital of Fudan University

Besides sharing valuable medical knowledge, Dr Suh believes that to be successful, you need to "treat the patients like your own children". Read on to find out how this "angel doctor" transformed the life of a young patient, Tan.

Dr Donny Suh - the "Angel Doctor"

Dr Donny Suh volunteered as a surgeon trainer in Shanghai so that he can help doctors and surgeons gain hands-on experience to hone their medical skills. These would be skill-sets that they can use to help the local community for the sustainable future.

As part of Seeing is Believing, Dr Suh volunteered to be the surgeon trainer in a hospital-based programme (HBP) in the EENT Hospital of Fudan University. This is a programme which offers local doctors and surgeons hands-on experience to hone their surgical skills. HBP is an integral part of SiB, which aims to leave behind sustainable medical infrastructure and services.

As teaching cases, Dr. Suh examined and operated on strabismus patients to show the trainee doctors standard diagnostic skills and surgery procedures. Dr Suh also reminded the trainees that "you need to treat the patients like your own children... this is the only way you can really succeed."

Charity-360 Rewards


Charity-360 Rewards

For Tan, a one-year-old boy diagnosed with a complex neurological issue in the brain stem, Dr Suh's approach radically changed his life.

Tan suffered so much before meeting Dr Suh as no surgeons were willing to operate on him. Dr Suh was careful to complete a full medical consultation and explain the risks to Mrs Tan. After processing all the information, Mrs Tan just uttered, "Dr. Suh, I believe in you. Please help my son. You are an angel."

Post-surgery, Tan has regained partial vision. The ability to see - albeit just partially - has improved his quality of life and childhood. Tan is now able to hold his mother's hand and want to play outdoors. Thanks to Dr Suh, his "angel doctor".

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A Story from Zhao Shiqi

Zhao Shiqi

1+ year-old, lives in Jincheng City, Shanxi Province

Shiqi was initially diagnosed as bilateral congenital cataracts, which made her unable to move around independently even though she had started learning how to walk. It was common to see her falling down, simply because she cannot see. While it breaks her parents' hearts to see her suffer injuries on her small limbs, there is nothing they can do. Cataract operation is a simple surgery which would reverse condition, though her family is too poor to afford any treatment.

Thanks to Seeing is Believing (SiB), Shiqi underwent received appropriate medical treatment in Shanxi Provincial Eye Hospital (SPEH). Now Shiqi is able to walk and play independently, and have a happy bright childhood!

Charity-360 Rewards

Charity-360 Rewards

"A typical 19-month old toddler usually develops his / her motor skills"

A typical 19-month old toddler usually develops his / her motor skills very quickly, and would normally start walking and running. However, this was not the case for Zhao Shiqi who had difficulty walking independently and often fell down.

Shiqi was diagnosed with bilateral congenital cataracts in Jincheng Eye Hospital of Shanxi Province in August 2013, and then referred to SPEH for further treatment.

Shiqi's family is very poor and both her parents are unemployed. With proper diagnosis and medical subsidies offered under SiB Phase V, Shiqi is able to undergo the surgery she desperately needs.

On the follow-up visit at SPEH, Shiqi is able to play and walk around independently. Her eyes are recovering well and her parents are undoubtedly delighted.

"We are grateful that Shiqi can see, walk and be independent now. She now has the opportunity to read and learn. Thanks to SiB, she can now lead her life as a normal child."

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Charity-360 Rewards

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