Our senior wealth management service team will provide customized wealth management service to you. The team maintains close contact with professional advisory teams in the Asia Pacific region and around the world to ensure that they provide a wide range of bank investment information including trust, foreign exchange, insurance, and wealth management products.
Your personalized wealth management team monitors your wealth management needs at all times. From specialized and timely asset analysis and investment advice, we can recommend diverse mid to long-term wealth management products as well as foreign funds to help you achieve stable growth. We will also give you quick and easy access to information and resources in Standard Chartered’s global network.

Our Private Wealth Management Centre provides you and your personalized service team with a private and comfortable environment. Our Priority Private Wealth hotline gives you direct access to our senior telephone service staff. You can also manage your account at your convenience through telephone and fax instructions. Enjoy comprehensive and convenient self-service banking services through online banking, phone banking and SMS banking all at your finger tips with our multi-channel services designed to help you to easily maintain control of your wealth.
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