It is our long-standing belief that investment needs differ from client to client. Through an ongoing “Needs-Conversation” process, we hope to establish in-depth knowledge of your financial objectives which then form the foundation for a long-term and rewarding partnership.
You will have access to a complete suite of wealth advisory solutions to meet your growing financial needs, including investment products, insurance protection, and retail banking.
  • Advance family wealth evaluation system: By leveraging on modern investment portfolio theories and advance financial engineering modules, we can conduct comprehensive appraisal, analysis and planning for your family wealth by wealth management tool “Dual Care”. We can help you understand and optimize your investment portfolio; diagnose the health of your family’s wealth and pin-point your protection needs.
  • Periodic review of your investment portfolio to ensure that your wealth management plans are consistent with your set targets and are effectively implemented.
  • Tailor-made investment and insurance products to help your wealth grow steadily.
  • We also provide quality resources and a powerful platform for you to share the full advantages offered by Corporate & Institutional, SME Banking and Retail Banking.
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