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Borderless business: considerations for successful expansion

Expansion into new markets remains a key way for corporations of all sizes and industries to diversify and grow their business. Our recent survey explores the experience of corporations from Europe and the Americas and looks at ambitions, concerns and priorities as organisations pursue and succeed in their international expansion strategies.

Gain insights and learn more about the international expansion strategies and trends of your peers and corporate organisation.

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In times of crisis, diversification, digitisation and customer engagement has never been more important. The research has shown German corporates’ appetite for expansion and their enthusiasm for growth strategies outside their home region. While it’s important to remember that for many large companies here, maintaining global production facilities in some of the world’s major markets is fundamental to their business models. Despite the impact of the pandemic on industries such as heavy manufacturing and automotive, the opportunities are no doubt there as long as working capital needs are balanced with supply chain resilience.

CEO & Country Head, Global Banking, Germany

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