Board diversity

Diversity and inclusion at Standard Chartered

We have a distinctive footprint and a long history of diverse board membership.

Currently, we have a diverse mix of ethnicity, gender and experience on the Board including three women and four different nationalities. There are eight directors who have lived or worked across Asia, Africa and/or the Middle East.

We believe strongly that a highly effective Board is about chemistry and behaviours, underpinned by robust processes. Our Board contains individuals who have diverse skills, knowledge and experiences that combine to provide different perspectives and effective board dynamics. In maximising the Board’s effectiveness, we take a long term, sustainable and measured approach.

All Board appointments are based on meritocracy with the prime consideration being to maintain and enhance the Board’s overall effectiveness. Within this, we recognise that diversity in all its aspects, including gender diversity, is an important factor to take into consideration.

We continue to ensure that the Board's composition maintains a combination of broad-based banking, finance, risk and accounting skills and experience, representation from across our key markets, and a diversity of perspective. As part of this, we aim that, by 2017, there will be 25 per cent female representation on the Board of Standard Chartered PLC. The Governance and Nomination Committee will oversee plans to achieve this, balancing all the factors needed to maximise the Board’s effectiveness.

More broadly within the Bank, our employees represent more than 135 nationalities and 47 per cent are female. We believe that diversity, including gender diversity, is a very important factor impacting the Group’s performance and wider organisational effectiveness.

Sir John Peace, Chairman

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Diversity in the workplace

We back up our statements with positive action. We've put in place a range of initiatives that support diversity in the workplace.

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Diversity for our customers

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Diversity & Inclusion

Download our Diversity and Inclusion statement (PDF)

We're committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, appreciating diversity across our markets.


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