The Art Connect

The Art Connect

The Standard Chartered art collection is a celebration of humanity. With a focus on people, it represents our colleagues, clients and communities and the connections that form between them. As a physical representation of our unique diversity our vibrant collection of portraits can be seen across our office footprint in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

Step into our premises and look around, and you might spot a schoolboy at the start of his day, a couple attending a horse race in the rain, a mother with her children, or a bearded man playing his violin with delight.

These are just a handful of the many faces to be found along the corridors of our buildings around the world, brightening our office spaces and meeting rooms, and reminding us of who we are.

painting by Tim Okamura


Our corporate art collection consists of some 650 portraits, all of which are on display on the walls of our offices. We source our works from affordable art fairs, commercial galleries, portraiture competitions, and on the suggestion of colleagues.

Seen as a whole, our collection showcases the resilience and dynamism of people in the communities where we live and work. Bringing people, communities and businesses together through art and artistry.

(Top of the page) Lu Xi ©, A Beautiful Day at the Seaside, 2010

(Left) Tim Okamura ©, La Familia V, 2007

Curated pieces from across our footprint

Art in our spaces Curated pieces in our Asia office

painting on women

Claire Alexander ©
Mimie, 2008

painting of red kimono

Stephanie Rew ©
Red Kimono, 2008

painting of happy person carrying leaves

Ajay Kumar Rana ©
Happiness, 2010

Art in our spaces Curated pieces in our Africa offices

Mr Li artwork

Ben Hughes ©
Mr Li, 2008

artwork Since Singing so Good

Zacharia Mbutha ©
Since Singing so Good, 2014

artwork Edo Ceremonial Coral

Lizzie Riches ©
Edo Ceremonial Coral, 2014

Art in our spaces Curated pieces in our Europe and Americas offices

Bob, 2008

Harriet White ©
Bob, 2008

Buda Boy with Centipede, 2001

Desmond Burdon ©
Buda Boy with Centipede, 2001

Sonia, 2011, William Lazos ©

William Lazos ©
Sonia, 2011

Art in our spaces Curated pieces in our Middle East offices

artwork Commission

Nic Cudworth ©
Commission, 2012

artwork Man Seated by Corner

Jeef Brazier ©
Man Seated by Corner, 2005

artwork Expectation

Vincent Osemwegie ©
Expectation, 2015

A smile in the hills

Our diversity in art We want everyone to realise their full potential

Like the diversity of our clients, colleagues and markets, our collection of portraits ranges in expressions, subjects, genders, styles and artists

(Left) James Crowther ©, A Smile in the Hills, 2008