Experts from Standard Chartered provide their insights on issues, events and trends linked to the global fight against financial crime.

Combating COVID-19 related Fraud and Financial Crime

"The Covid-19 pandemic is a global challenge and threatens the societies that Standard Chartered serves.  We have to rise to that challenge and play our part in support of commerce and prosperity.  Sadly, the pandemic is also identified by the fraudsters, money launderers and other criminals as a source of opportunity.  They will seek out the vulnerabilities in the financial system, exploit our clients, steal from those programmes set up to sustain and rebuild economies, and target even the provision of critical equipment to the healthcare systems that are in the centre of the battle with the virus.  We have published in these pages work from within the Bank on how to combat these threats, which requires partnership across public and private sectors to be fully effective."


David Howes, Global Head, Financial Crime Compliance, Conduct and Compliance Frameworks

David Howes

Deep dives

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"The bad guys aren't standing still. Neither should we."

Bill Winters | Group Chief Executive