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Sustainable finance

From financing innovations that build sustainable cities to powering millions of people through clean energy – see how we’re using money as a force for good

Supply chain

Every purchase you make is part of the global supply chain

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Global trade

Wonderful things happen when people come together

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Global Trade


Here for good begins by being here for tomorrow

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Standard Chartered: Joining hands, communities are helping the fight against COVID-19

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We’re using money as a force for good

We believe money has the power to fuel positive change in this world. Discover how we’re paving the way for a more sustainable future for our planet.

Progress doesn’t have to cost our planet See how we’re building a sustainable future through the eyes of nature

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Explore how we make a difference

Cargo ship with containers

Ship breaking

Every week, one worker dies from the dangerous job of breaking ships. See how we’re working with shipyard owners in Bangladesh to change how things are done in the industry.

animal welfare

Protecting wildlife

Criminal syndicates kill an elephant every 25 minutes for its tusk. See how we’re working with partners to fight the money laundering that fuels the illegal wildlife trade.

Elderly couple with their children

Living longer

With doubling lifespans, it’s become even more important to make better financial decisions earlier. See how we can help you prepare for a longer life, so you can enjoy it on your own terms.

Businesswoman in meeting

Gender equality

Women are less likely to reach top management positions. But gender shouldn’t be a barrier to progress. See how we’re tackling gender equality.