Can sustainable investments really change the world?

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By helping you invest in a better future, for you and the planet, we think it can

Three ways sustainable investments are helping fund our future

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In Northern Zambia, your investments helped the Chinsali community build a hospital of their own, complete with

433 beds

including intensive care unit beds and bassinets.

A nurse training school was built, preparing cohorts of


of nurses at a time — ensuring future generations benefit from today’s investments.1

But what about the marine life affected by pollution?

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In the Middle East, our investments helped address the problems caused by untreated waste water damaging a key biodiversity area.


We financed the use of a biological reactor which helped lower emissions and reduce toxicity for the marine life that called the area home, including

40 species

of water birds.2

How do sustainable investments fuel our future?

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Did you know?

We have a target for financing and facilitating

USD 35 billion

of clean technology and renewables by 2025.4

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Find out how our USD 75 billion commitment for sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy will support clients’ transition to a low-carbon future.5

But where does that leave you on your investment journey?

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I’m new to this and would like to understand the good that sustainable investments can do.


I’m familiar with the concept and am interested in a platform for impact investing.


I’d like to involve my company in greater corporate social investments.

NGOs and Regulators

I’d like to ensure that socially responsible investing is here to stay.

Our investor insights reveal that lack of knowledge is the biggest barrier to interest in sustainable investment. We're here to bridge that gap.⁶

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Sustainable investing

  • Spans funds, bonds, structured products, private equity and direct investments
  • Traditionally focused on not investing in sectors that had harmful effects on society and the environment
  • Has now broadened scope beyond exclusions and focuses on achieving positive impact

But is it really true?

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ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It helps measure a company’s financial conditions and its ability to generate returns.7

Approximately 90% of the studies conducted over the last four decades have found that sustainable investing and poor returns were not linked.8

You’re in good company

A snapshot of investor priorities:

Over 40%

of those surveyed expressed that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that are the key priorities are Clean Water and Sanitation, Good Health and Well-being, and Climate Action6

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Explore our insights

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Standard Chartered Sustainable Investing Review 2021

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