Our Board Overseeing our strategy

Our Board is collectively responsible for our long-term success, and for ensuring that the Group is led within a framework of effective controls. The Board sets our strategic direction, approves our strategy and takes appropriate action to ensure that we have the resources we need to achieve our strategic aspirations.

The Board considers the impact of the decisions it makes, and its responsibilities to all our stakeholders, including colleagues, shareholders, regulators, clients and suppliers, as well as to the environment and the communities where we operate. 

Our five Board committees play an important role in supporting the Board. The committees all consist of non-executive directors, and our Audit and Board Risk Committees also have two external advisors.

Our chairman

Jose Vinals

Dr José Viñals

Group Chairman

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Our executive directors

Bill Winters, CBE, Group Chief Executive

Bill Winters, CBE

Group Chief Executive

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Andy Halford

Andy Halford

Group Chief Financial Officer

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Our non-executive directors

photo of Shirish Apte

Shirish Apte

Independent Non-Executive Director

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David Conner

Independent Non-Executive Director

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Gay Huey Evans

Gay Huey Evans, CBE

Independent Non-Executive Director

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photo of Jackie Hunt

Jackie Hunt

Independent Non-Executive Director

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Robin Lawther, CBE

Independent Non-Executive Director

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photo of Maria Ramos

Maria Ramos

Senior Independent Director

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Phil Rivett

Independent Non-Executive Director

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David Tang

Independent Non-Executive Director

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Carlson Tong - Independent non-executive director at Standard Chartered

Carlson Tong

Independent Non-Executive Director

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Dr Linda Yueh, CBE

Independent non-executive director

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Group company secretary


Adrian de Souza

Group Company Secretary

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Board diversity policy

The Board Diversity Policy (‘the Policy’) sets out the approach Standard Chartered PLC takes to diversity on its Board to ensure that diversity, in its broadest sense, remains a central feature of the Board. The Policy applies to the Board of Standard Chartered PLC. The Global Diversity & Inclusion Policy applies to diversity in respect to all employees.

We have a distinctive footprint and international outlook and a long history of diverse board membership. All Board appointments are based on merit with each candidate assessed against objective criteria, with the prime consideration of maintaining and enhancing the Board’s overall effectiveness.

We strive to maintain a diverse Board recognising the benefits of having a Board made up of individuals with a diverse mix of gender, social and ethnic backgrounds, knowledge, personal attributes, skills and experience. We strive to reflect the Group’s aspirations in relation to its employees and its values and to position the Group as a global leader in these areas. This diversity provides a mix of perspectives which we believe will contribute to the effective Board dynamics.

In order to enhance the Board’s diversity we are committed to:

  • increasing the representation of women on the Board with an aim to have at least 40 per cent female representation;
  • adopting an ethnicity aspiration of a minimum of 30 per cent from a minority ethnic background;
  • ensuring that our Board diversity better reflects the diverse markets in which we operate;
  • ensuring that the Board is comprised of a good balance of skills, experience, knowledge, perspective and varied backgrounds;
  • ensuring that we consider the Group’s aspirations in relation to disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression;
  • only engaging search firms who are signed up to the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search firms; and
  • reporting annually on the diversity of the executive pipeline as well as the diversity of the Board, including progress being made on reaching the Board’s gender and ethnicity aspirations.

José Viñals, Chairman

Our committees

Read more about our board-level committees, their terms of reference and the Board terms of reference.

Our directors

Download a list of our directors, plus their roles and responsibilities.

Available in English and Chinese.

Section 430(2B) companies act 2006 statement

Jasmine Whitbread

Further to the announcement by Standard Chartered PLC (the “Company”) on 9 November 2022, Jasmine Whitbread retired as an independent Non-Executive Director of the Company with effect from 3 May 2023.

In accordance with section 430 (2B) of the Companies Act 2006, the Company confirms that no remuneration payments will be made by the Company to Jasmine Whitbread after she ceased to be an independent Non-Executive Director of the Company, nor will any payment for loss of office be made.