2016 Annual Report Statement from Chairman José Viñals

It is both an honour and a privilege to deliver this statement, my first as Chairman of the Group. I joined in October 2016 and became Chairman in December, following a career as a public servant in the financial sector.

Most recently I was at the International Monetary Fund, where my responsibilities included the global oversight and direction of its monetary and financial sector work. In that capacity I was able to develop a deep understanding of the markets that the Group operates in as well as a real respect for Standard Chartered as an organisation.

As Chairman of the Group I will focus my efforts on:

  • Helping to unlock its true potential
  • Improving its resilience to external shocks
  • Ensuring excellent governance and the highest ethical standards.

Initial impressions and objectives

I joined Standard Chartered because it is an extraordinary organisation with a rich history and huge potential, serving a remarkably diverse range of clients across the most dynamic markets in the world. It is a bank with a soul.

From my discussions with employees it is clear that they take real pride in our culture and clients have told me they value our brand. I intend to support the Management Team while challenging appropriately to ensure that the Group continues to fulfil its obligations to our clients, the communities that we serve and our employees. Dedicating ourselves to those objectives is how the Group will create value for investors over the medium and longer term.

Being Chairman of the Group will always be my primary focus. So far I have concentrated on learning about the Group from the inside. I have visited local operations across our network to see first-hand how the Group operates and is managed in practice, the opportunities and risks our employees face and how they deliver value for our clients. I have also spent considerable time with my fellow Board directors, assessing how they function both as individuals and as a governance unit. I am impressed with what I have seen so far and am excited at the prospect of learning more about our unique franchise and engaging more deeply and frequently with my new colleagues and external stakeholders.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sir John Peace, the Group’s previous Chairman, both for ensuring the handover process was carried out in an exemplary manner and for his leadership and personal contribution during what was a period of significant change for the Group.


Risks in the banking sector generally accumulate during the good times and materialise in the bad. The Group has clearly experienced that in recent years. Following a difficult year in 2015 the Group, led by Bill Winters, Group Chief Executive, worked hard in 2016 to execute its restructuring plans against what was a challenging macroeconomic backdrop. As you will read later in this report, encouraging early progress has been made. The Board recognises, however, that as an organisation we still have a substantial way to go. The journey will be long and difficult to navigate at times and there are no short-cuts.

I faced many complex situations as a public official through the global financial crisis, but the requirements for success in each case were the same. There needs to be a clear strategy, a sensible business plan and exceptionally talented people who are determined to execute that plan with discipline and pace. From what I have seen of the Group so far, we certainly have those ingredients in place.

Governance and conduct

Good governance is vital in any organisation, particularly one such as Standard Chartered, which operates in so many diverse and dynamic markets. A detailed review of how the Group manages its governance obligations to support decisions and guide behaviours across our network can be found from page 56 of the annual report.

Bill has spoken about the Group having the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to be a force for good in the markets in which we operate. I agree wholeheartedly with this statement and I share his zero tolerance for any form of unethical behaviour and also fully endorse the Group’s commitment to upholding environmental and social standards. I will use all my experience to help ensure the Group implements and upholds the highest ethical standards.


The Board has decided that it would be in the Group’s best interests not to declare a dividend on Ordinary Shares for 2016. The Board believes in balancing returns to shareholders with investment to support future growth, while at the same time preserving strong capital ratios. While the Group has made good progress on the actions that we believe will drive a sustainable improvement in financial returns, the turnaround of the profitability of the Group is at a relatively early stage and a number of economic and regulatory uncertainties remain. The Board recognises the importance of dividends to shareholders and will keep the matter under close review.


I am entirely realistic regarding the complexity of the challenges that lie ahead, not just for the Group but the global banking sector as a whole. Significant regulatory uncertainty will persist as policymakers grapple with the task of harmonising rules and enhancing the control environment while allowing banks to add value to the economies they serve and generate sustainable returns to shareholders. The recent postponement of the completion of the Basel III framework is just one example of the scale of the challenges faced.

Meanwhile, as you will read on pages 6 to 7 of the annual report, economic conditions in our markets are expected to remain uncertain. But the inherent opportunity and our strategy to capture it is clear. The business plan set out in 2015 to execute our strategy is sensible and appropriate for the prevailing conditions. Investing in technology as a catalyst for better client experiences and stronger controls for example is absolutely the right way forward. As Bill, together with Andy Halford, Chief Financial Officer and Mark Smith, Chief Risk Officer, will explain later in this report, our plan has already delivered fundamental improvements, with the Group now having a stronger capital base and being much more resilient to headwinds. It is important that we remain focused on delivering the plan while being willing to adapt where necessary as conditions evolve.

Having substantially strengthened our foundations, we recognise the importance of re-energising growth in income together with strong cost and risk management so that returns to shareholders can be restored to a more appropriate and sustainable level.

This is an exciting time to have joined the Group and I am looking forward to the challenge of leading the Board, helping the Management Team to unlock the Group’s true potential.

José Viñals, Chairman

Published: 24 February, 2017

2016 Annual Report

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