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One Belt. One Road. One Bank.

We're ready to turn over 160 years of local knowledge into global opportunities for your business.

Belt and Road in the face of disruption

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A sustainable Belt and Road – in good times and bad

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What the Belt and Road initiative means for the world

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Boosting Trade Between East and West

It will be 30 years before the ultimate Belt and Road vision is truly realised. We can see it now. Discover more about the biggest ever infrastructure initiative.

Unrivalled in scale and opportunity

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Unrivalled - One Belt. One Road

Global Economic Benefits

Gain insight into the economic impetus driving the Belt and Road initiative.  We delve into its potential to transform global trade, and the expected impact on nearly two-thirds of the world’s population.

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The Beneficiaries

Check out how economies big and small are benefiting from key development investments along the Belt and Road.

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The Key Players

Standard Chartered has over 150 years’ experience and an extensive footprint that spans 70 per cent of the Belt and Road’s markets. Find out how we can position you for growth across the Belt and Road.

Seizing opportunities along the Belt and Road

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Explore new horizons for your business under the world’s largest infrastructure initiative.

Tap on our extensive local presence and in-depth knowledge of each region’s political, economic and cultural environment. Start identifying relevant opportunities and the optimal way forward, as you venture further along the Belt and Road.

Leading the Belt and Road initiative

China is the architect and a key driving force behind the Belt and Road initiative, an economic and strategic masterplan that spans 65 per cent of the world’s population and around 43 per cent of global GDP. Belt and Road will create new trade, infrastructure and investment links between China and its partner countries elsewhere in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia.

Sharing in the proceeds

Between 2014 and 2019, China’s trade with Belt and Road nations exceeded USD6 trillion. In addition, it has pledged to purchase USD2 trillion worth of imports from Belt and Road countries by 2022. It is expected that Belt and Road projects will continue to drive growth across the world – eventually boosting global GDP by USD7.1 trillion annually within the next two decades.

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Servicing the region
Standard Chartered has a long history of collaborating with Chinese commercial banks and an in-depth insight into the political, economic and cultural environment. We also collaborate extensively with key Chinese Belt and Road strategic driving forces, such as policy banks, export credit agencies, investment funds and multilateral development banks.

Local presence and unrivalled solutions

Our South Asia network extends throughout India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and across multiple Belt and Road flagship projects. These include the China and Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor (BCIM-EC). Click here to learn how Belt and Road is impacting economic development in Bangladesh.

Award-winning support

Standard Chartered played a pivotal role in helping a power generation company develop a duel-fuel combined cycle power plant in Bangladesh. We have also served as a trusted partner to multiple Chinese enterprises seeking to expand in the region. In 2019, Standard Chartered won the Asiamoney ‘New Silk Road Finance Award for Best International Bank in the Region for BRI (South Asia)’, and the ‘Best Bank for BRI-related Financing in the Region (South Asia)’ award.

Servicing the region

Our extensive and longstanding footprint in South Asia has provided us with a profound understanding of the region’s unique social, political, legal and regulatory environments. This enables us to provide comprehensive support and unrivalled solutions for our clients on the ground across a broad range of banking services.

Central to the success of Belt and Road

The Belt and Road initiative presents significant opportunities for the ten countries that make up ASEAN. China has emphasised its commitment to direct the Maritime Silk Road towards ASEAN countries, and new infrastructure projects will enhance connectivity and cooperation between ASEAN and China, strengthening trade, finance and investment ties.

Award-winning support

Standard Chartered is continually strengthening its links across the various Belt and Road corridors that cross this region. We regularly host Belt and Road events in ASEAN countries, in order to better understand our clients’ needs and align with market shifts. Demonstrating our value-add, Standard Chartered won the 2019 Asiamoney New Silk Road Finance award for ‘Best International Bank in the Region (Southeast Asia)’.

Servicing the region

Standard Chartered is the only international bank that has a presence in all 10 ASEAN markets. Currently spanning 30,000 staff and 400 branches, our visibility in the region also dates back 150 years, demonstrating consistency, longevity and commitment to the region.

Growing Sino-African trade and ties

Sino-African trade has been on a significant upward trajectory in recent decades, rising from USD29.5 billion in 2004 to USD208.7 billion in 2019. Belt and Road will accelerate this rise in trade, helping to cement Africa’s position as the world’s fastest growing region. View the potential impact of Belt and Road on Africa’s economies here.

Award-winning support

Standard Chartered has been a trusted partner to many African businesses seeking to leverage new opportunities through Belt and Road. This on-the-ground experience spans multiple industries and banking services. In 2019, Standard Chartered won the Asiamoney ‘New Silk Road Finance Award for Best Bank for Infrastructure/Project Finance in the Region (Middle East & Africa).

Servicing the region

Standard Chartered has a proven history of product delivery for clients in Africa, earning a strong reputation in the process. We can deliver a wide range of services and solutions, from sophisticated hedging strategies to FX services, centralised liquidity, currency swap arrangements, investment strategies and support for mergers and acquisitions.

The growing influence of Islamic banking

Central to the successful delivery of Belt and Road initiatives in the Middle East is a proven capability in Islamic banking. Through its dedicated global Islamic business, Saadiq, Standard Chartered is able to provide Islamic banking products and services to clients across the region.

Regional strength

Standard Chartered has an established presence in the UAE that allows it to support global trade and build on the close relationship between the UAE and China. Dubai’s unique ability to connect Asia and Africa is critical to capitalising on emerging opportunities through the Belt and Road initiative. In 2019, Standard Chartered won the Asiamoney ‘New Silk Road Finance Award for Best Bank for Infrastructure/Project Finance in the Region (Middle East & Africa).

Servicing the region

Through Saadiq, we offer a wealth of experience working alongside governments, regulatory authorities and industrial bodies to design and structure high-quality Islamic financing. You can find out more about Standard Chartered’s innovative and fully Shariah-compliant banking services here.

Extending bilateral trade opportunities
The Belt and Road initiative will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of trade between Europe and China – and other proposed routes. Though its impact on individual European markets will vary, there is a growing awareness of the economic and strategic implications of Belt and Road, and a willingness to reflect these in European policies and bilateral political relations.

Spotlight on the UK: A key financial hub

The largest exporter of financial services in the world, the UK has the skills, experience and expertise necessary in the operations of many Chinese companies as they seek to take on a more prominent role in international trade. With our headquarters in London and a long-standing presence in China – and 45 Belt and Road markets – Standard Chartered is in a unique position to act as a bridge from East to West, under the Belt and Road initiative.

The UK has already significantly contributed to this initiative, as the first major European country to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which focuses on projects across the Asia-Pacific region – including Belt and Road markets – that unlock opportunities for British companies. This early membership, along with the establishment of the UK-China Infrastructure Alliance (which promotes commercial collaboration in both markets and in third-party markets, in particular along the Belt and Road) are both clear indicators of the UK’s relevance to Belt and Road.

The UK as a leader in offshore renminbi

London is the second-largest offshore RMB-clearing centre in the world (behind Hong Kong). Use of the RMB is expected to rise further as the Belt and Road initiative expands, and the scale of projects under its scope will continue to drive the RMB’s global relevance.

Servicing the region

We offer our clients access to our extensive network of European banking operations, including key markets such as the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Turkey. The region stands to benefit significantly as the Belt and Road network forms – boosting connections from freight and other transport, to knowledge exchanges.