Capital market solutions

Our Capital Markets (CM) Solutions group, one of the largest in the industry, has dedicated teams specialised in equity linked solutions, structured financing, private financing, sovereign solutions, insurance and pensions asset and liability management (ALM) advisory, and ratings advisory.

Equity Linked Solutions

We are at the forefront of the equity linked market, leading transactions across Asia, including significant liability management deals in emerging markets such as India and China.

Structured Financing

We provide a wide array of award-winning and market leading securitisation solutions for banks, non-bank financial institutions, corporations and sovereigns to help them diversify funding sources, achieve economic benefits, enhance balance sheet management and secure cheaper and longer dated financing.

Our securitisation solutions extend across a wide range of asset classes, including consumer loans of all types, real estate holdings and future flows of stable cash streams. We also help our clients realise volatile commodity related revenue by delivering it in a cost-efficient and predictable manner.

Sovereign Solutions and Advisory

Drawing on the Bank’s expertise across products, the Sovereign Solutions group provides governments with holistic financing and risk management solutions.

Recognising that governments face unique challenges as they try to reconcile their own financing needs with those of the greater public sector, we help identify the appropriate timing and structure for government fund-raising. We apply in-depth analysis of national, sub national and state-owned enterprise budgets towards advising clients on how to source capital at the optimal agency level and reduce cost where possible by borrowing against secured cash flows.

Our support to the government sector extends to capacity building and providing technical advice with an eye toward deepening local capital markets, developing robust and liquid benchmark yield curves and reducing the overall cost of funding for the country as a whole. We tailor our advice to help ensure that government policies unlock the maximum amount of private and donor capital respectively, and have designed numerous innovative guarantee programmes to that end.

We are the right partner for any government or state-owned enterprise looking to raise capital domestically or overseas, in public or private markets and in conventional, Islamic or structured form.

Insurance and Pensions ALM Solutions

The Insurance and Pensions ALM Solutions group draws on the Bank’s ability to trade multiple currencies and asset classes to provide insurance companies and pension funds solutions to capital, duration, asset liability risk management and works closely with clients and regulators to optimise capital structures and portfolios for our clients.

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