Gateway banking

Do you need to expand your network to support your clients? Our Gateway Banking programme makes all the right connections.

Global trends

Corporations that were once focusing only on domestic markets are now going international. Your clients, who once dealt only with suppliers and customers in your network territory, now deal with trading partners in countries around the world, especially in the high-growth, resource-rich zones of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Your challenges

As your clients grow their businesses and expand their footprint, they look to you to do the same. With only a domestic or regional presence, how do you carry out the following without being distracted from your domestic capabilities and core competencies?

  • Support your clients in regions where you do not have a network footprint?
  • Broaden and deepen your existing client relationships?
  • Attract new business by participating in global Request for Proposals (RFPs)?
  • Defend your client base from international competitors?

We have the answer

Our Gateway Banking programme gives your network an immediate extension into the most active regions on the global trade map.

With a whole range of corporate and commercial banking capabilities, we aim to complement your relationship with the client. You will have a single point of entry to our product network in Asia, Africa and the Middle East through our team of dedicated coordinators, relationship managers and customer service teams in each country- and all with a one bank view.

Everyone’s a winner

Your clients gain: Immediate access to comprehensive corporate banking services in over 17 key countries in Asia and the Middle East, including core growth markets such as China, India, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

You gain: Broader client relationships, client retention and the ability to support your clients wherever they want to go in Asia and the Middle East.

By entering into a strategic relationship, you get an immediate competitive edge without undertaking a significant investment. Our Gateway Banking programme offers you and your corporate clients convenient and easy access to our in-depth knowledge and experience of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Your clients immediately benefit from access to a large international branch network and product capabilities including cash management, trade finance, foreign exchange and credit facilities.

An integrated client service model provides flexibility. We ensure that your clients receive the consistent service quality and support they expect from you.

A full spectrum of options is available from client referrals to a comprehensive integration of electronic channels.

With message exchanges ranging from MT940 and MT101, to full host-to-host integration of banking systems, this service model allows an expansive fulfillment of transaction banking requirements with potential for a single point of transaction initiation and reporting view.

Our harmonised account documentation makes the set-up process easy and web-based electronic access makes banking simple, allowing your clients to transact locally with suppliers and buyers in their business markets.

What’s next?

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