Bank file conversion

The significant cost and resources to conform data to a specific format for bank integration is one of the biggest challenges confronting most corporations.

To ease the burden of data transformation, our Straight2Bank Universal Adaptor is an innovative online tool that allows your organisation to define its own file templates or use pre-defined ones, and send transaction messages to the bank through host-to-host and web channels.

By significantly diminishing the burden of the technical changes required at your organisation’s end, and moving it to the bank’s side, our solution simplifies the integration between corporations and the bank for a more efficient financial process management.

With Universal Adaptor, you can instruct in your preferred file formats, which automatically transform to the bank’s format for speedy access to our banking services..

Key Benefits:

  • Flexibility: Use our library of standard formats or define your own proprietary formats to meet your business requirements, at your own convenience, with minimal constraints from the bank.
  • Cost effectiveness: No installation or customisation at your organisation’s premise, and thus lessening the implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Speedy and efficient realisation: By eliminating the need for installation and customisation, the on-boarding process is accelerated whether you are using our library of standard formats or your organisation’s proprietary format.

The efficiency and effectiveness offered by Universal Adaptor caters to the growing number of companies keen on keeping their own file format and spending as minimal resources as possible on the implementation. After one-time configuration, clients enjoy seamless integration to send instructions in their preferred formats. Universal Adaptor enables agile and simple bank integration at minimal cost while reducing time and effort required.

To find out more about our Universal Adaptor, please contact your relationship manager or local country representative.

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