SWIFT for Corporates

SWIFT for Corporates is a bank independent connectivity solution for both corporate clients and financial institutions through the SWIFT network, and one of the core delivery options of Straight2Bank channels. SWIFT connectivity allows you to leverage standardised message formats and connect to your banking partners, without the hassle of maintaining multiple proprietary bank channels.

Corporate can use SWIFT connection to interact with Standard Chartered and other banks

We support any of the standard connectivity solutions associated with SWIFT for Corporates.

  • FIN & FileAct messaging services – all through a global centralised window into Standard Chartered
  • Trade services through SWIFT (MT798)
  • MT300 messaging
  • Wide choice of domestic, proprietary and international formats through SWIFTNet FileAct including ISO20022 XML
  • Multi-bank transaction initiation and account statement aggregation services
  • TWIST billing messaging

We have a long term commitment to SWIFT. Certified under the advanced Bank Readiness label by SWIFT, we have expertise with implementing SWIFT projects of varied size and complexity and our active participation in industry initiatives allows us to be a trusted advisor to our clients considering SWIFT for their organisation.

ISO 20022 standards are often associated with SWIFT, but also available on our other electronic delivery channels. We actively promote the usage of these messaging standards. We are one of the leading banks in the Common Global Implementation Market Practice (CGI-MP) initiative to establish global market practice for corporate-to-bank ISO 20022 adoption.

To find out more about our SWIFT for Corporates, please contact your relationship manager or local country representative.

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