Islamic Personal Banking

Islamic Personal Banking

We offer a range of personal banking products and services that comply with Shariah principles.

As well as ensuring that your beliefs and values are upheld, our innovative Islamic banking products offer you outstanding financial benefits and world-class standards in customer service.

Saadiq accounts:

  • Current accounts are designed to offer you security, flexibility and convenience through a simple bank account with the assurance that your funds will only be utilised by the Bank in its Shariah-compliant business.
  • Savings accounts pay Shariah-compliant returns, allow you to transact, provide a host of additional benefits and gives you the convenience of accessing your funds at all times.
  • Term accounts offer you a short-medium term investment solution with the potential to earn competitive returns on your savings; following a Shariah-compliant investment process.

Saadiq cards

To enable you to make your purchases in a convenient and secure manner while enjoying peace of mind we offer a range of credit cards to suit your lifestyle.

Saadiq credit cards offer great value, global acceptance while simultaneously being Shariah-compliant.

Saadiq financing

From personal, auto, to home finance, we have a wide range of financing solutions to respect your principles. All our financing products are designed to comply with Shariah requirements while providing the functionality and benefits of conventional lending products.

You can conveniently access our products and services through Islamic banking branches as well as the existing network of our conventional bank branches.

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