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Multi-Channel Payment Links

Our Straight2Bank Pay-hosted payment page means you can accept payments online even if you do not have a web portal, mobile application or point of sale (“POS”) device.  The payment link can be sent to your consumers via multiple channels such as email, SMS, social media or digital invoice.

Case Study

Hassle-free collections without the need of an online platform

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hindu Endowments Board (“HEB”) in Singapore was looking for an online collections solution without the hassle of managing a website, app or POS terminals. They required a “light-touch” solution with minimal technical effort, investment and operating requirements at their end.

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How We Helped

With our Payment Link feature, HEB can now collect payments by sending their devotees a URL link via email, SMS, digital or physical invoice, or social media platforms such as WhatsApp. These payments can include donations to temples administered by HEB or the amount rendered for the booking of temple services and facilities. Once they click on the payment link, devotees are directed to Standard Chartered’s Straight2Bank Pay payment gateway page that shows the specific payment amount due, and PayNow as the payment method.

With the safe distancing and work-from-home advisories amid the COVID-19 pandemic, HEB was able to turn to a digital collection solution to continue its operations effectively.

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Multi-Channel Payment Links

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