COVID-19: Navigating the uncharted

Helping organisations manage the impact of COVID-19.

Recovery scenarios: Ways out of the maze

At the start of Q1, we called this the worst of economic times. Little has transpired since to contradict this.…

3 days ago

Belt and Road in the face of disruption

Infrastructure development goals of Belt and Road are reinforced by disruptions that highlight the need for economic resilience.

3 days ago

COVID-19: reshaping the future of supply chains

From just-in-time to just-in-case supply chains, companies may look to re-shore or near-shore production.

4 days ago

The short- and long-term consequences of COVID-19

Economic pain may translate into worse political outcomes over the long term.

4 days ago

COVID-19 hits China high yield, but real estate stays resilient

China’s property issuers are showing laudable resilience to the sell-off caused by the global pandemic.

11 May 2020

Three ways COVID-19 is transforming fintech

All signs point to fintech being a standout sector during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, both for business and investment…

5 May 2020

The political implications of COVID-19

As economies and healthcare systems struggle to cope with COVID-19, we share insights on how the coronavirus pandemic is shaping…

20 Apr 2020

The coronavirus oil shock – is this just the beginning?

As COVID-19 causes a collapse in demand, the oil market crisis - triggered by a lack of storage - is…

Trade beyond borders | 27 Apr 2020

The global storm: Regional economic outlooks Q2-2020

As governments move to contain the impact of COVID-19 on its people and economies, we take a closer look at…

13 Apr 2020

Economic Outlook Q2-2020: The global storm

The global economy is in dire straits. The depth of the contraction – and the speed of the eventual recovery…

9 Apr 2020

From just in time to just in case: COVID-19 brings supply chain resilience to the fore

Global supply chains, already reeling from the recent disruption of the US-China trade war and economic instability, are now being…

3 Apr 2020

Supply chain lessons from COVID-19

While over-concentration emerges as the biggest challenge supply chains are facing through COVID-19, increased awareness of bottlenecks, a proliferation of…

27 Mar 2020

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