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The best is yet to come in emerging and frontier securities services markets. As advocators for their development, we’re ready to help you flourish.

More than just solutions

The world of securities services is about relationships. With constant changes in regulation and technological enablement, you need a trusted partner – not just a solutions provider – to guide you.


Across emerging and frontier markets, where entry barriers are high and regulations are constantly evolving, this holds truest. Having committed to securities services in Asia, Africa and the Middle East for decades, we know the promise of these markets. Yet we also recognise their need for structural development before you can truly benefit from their potential.


So, while we offer a full range of solutions across custody, funds, and fiduciary services, we also strive for progress. By working closely with local governments and industry associations, we can bring you early news of – and access to – new market opportunities.


Problem solving via collaboration will be key to long-term success. By building partnerships with the world’s leading asset managers, fintechs, and technology providers, we can bring you the best of the industry, via a single partner.

Why choose us?

Access restricted markets

Explore high-barrier, high-potential securities markets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East with us

Capture opportunities first

Via market advocacy and regulatory relationships, we seek liberalisation and new investment opportunities for you

Enhance with technology

Work with a single partner without limiting your options; we connect you with fintechs, fund providers and more

Financial markets insights

Emerging markets, hidden gems

Our second edition of The Custodian for 2022 shares insights on the latest challenges and opportunities in the custody and securities services industry. Find out where the hidden gems are in Emerging Markets today.

What we offer


Choose one partner for your global custody needs. Whether you need a domestic, direct, or global custodian, we’re here to support you. And with an emerging and frontier market focus – with proprietary coverage that’s more than doubled in the past decade – you can thrive in the future’s leading securities services markets with us. 

Regardless of multiple custody-model and geographical demands, you need your operations to be as smooth as possible. We help streamline, with a single platform for monitoring and execution of your custody and asset servicing transactions. And for easy management of multi-jurisdictional relationships, we’ve standardised our processes across our global footprint.

Fiduciary and fund services

With fund administration services available in 22 markets, no other bank can offer the same coverage across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Yet it’s not just about access – we have experts on the ground to guide you through the nuances in these under-explored fund markets.

Our one-stop-shop model allows you to streamline your service-provider interactions and achieve economies of scale. Service options span fund accounting and administration, performance measurement, compliance reporting, transfer agency, share class hedging, FATCA and CRS tax reporting support, and fund trustee/fund supervisory.

All this is available via a unique single-point-of-contact model for smooth servicing, and with on-demand reporting for flexibility and transparency.

Prime services

Access an evolving range of prime brokerage and clearing services with us, in some of the world’s untapped securities markets. These include OTC clearing, rates intermediation, prime brokerage, fixed-income prime brokerage, prime custody, and cross-service margining.

And with lesser-explored jurisdictions comes unique opportunities. For example, in select emerging and frontier markets, you have the flexibility to use non-standard margin collateral, thanks to our unique position as local primary custodian.  

We also pledge to support your cost control, with innovations around pricing. For example, under new uncleared margin rules, we use NDF clearing to reduce costs, by clearing the dealer leg – reducing the collateral drag for you.    

Get a head start in the future’s leading
securities markets

Securities services leader in China

With China’s inbound and outbound capital markets growing steadily, it’s on track to become one of the biggest securities markets in the world.

And yet, access remains restricted, and regulations remain complicated in both directions. As the oldest international bank in China – and with almost 30 years of custody presence – no

other international bank can give you as complete access to its capital markets. And the strength of our regulatory relationships built over time have helped us become a leading advocate for market development.

Combing this experience with our multiple investment licenses – in some cases uniquely held by us – you can tap into all the major inbound and outbound investment programmes. We’re also an international leader in local domestic fund custody, after becoming the first foreign bank to receive the relevant license.

A committed partner in India

India’s capital markets have seen a recent wave of progressive market reforms. It seems the doors for foreign investment into the country are steadily opening, after a long history of highly limited access.

We’ve seen India’s potential for decades, having operated there for more than 160 years. The close relationships we’ve subsequently developed have helped us be first in line to receive various investment licenses – and to ensure successful advocation for our clients’ needs. 

Our investment in the market has fostered trust from investors in India and around the world. This is evidenced by strong market share in assets under custody, assets under management, and for the foreign portfolio investor (FPI) scheme, among other areas.

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Uncovering a world of unchartered opportunities

Access and thrive in high-barrier markets with us. We provide on-the-ground research into Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and proprietary pricing and trade execution across multiple asset classes – including FX, rates, and commodities.

And for more complex packaging needs, we offer bespoke structuring solutions. For financing needs, we offer a full spectrum across our dynamic footprint – from traditional credit and debt market products, to specialised financing and beyond. And with custody, clearing and securities lending also available, we can support all your financial market needs.