FX capabilities

FX Capabilities

At Standard Chartered, we provide our clients with market-leading access to the world’s currency markets. Ever since our doors first opened in Mumbai, Kolkata and Shanghai in 1853, we’ve been focused on helping our customers transact across borders. Now, over 150 years later, our FX trading network stretches across the globe with a unique footprint across emerging markets in Asia, Africa, the Middle East. Our commitment to facilitating foreign exchange transactions for our customers will always remain at the core of our business philosophy.


With a physical presence in 56 markets, our FX sales teams, traders, and structurers – supported by our award-winning Global Research team – deliver local insights, global solutions, and customised analysis to our clients. We provide around-the-globe coverage and a diverse range of voice and digital trading solutions, making Standard Chartered one of the world’s leading FX market makers.


We transact in over 160 currencies – Find out more below on specific market capabilities, and reach out to your Standard Chartered sales person for more information.

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Upon your request we will provide details of the manner and frequency of Our Shari’a reviews. The special features and characteristics of the Products we offer are set out in the Shari’a Compliant Agreements. We do not commingle funds attributable to our Islamic finance business with funds attributable to conventional finance business, by ensuring segregation in our booking systems by various system tools such as separate product codes, booking codes, branch codes as appropriate.

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